A couple problem spots on BtU Maps

During three games tonight, I encountered three problem spots on the Back to Ubersreik maps. I have picks of two.

On the curved ramp heading up to the main street in Horn of Magnus, if you jump onto the grass here you sink into the ground up to your waist. I was just barely able to jump out at the lowest corner.

On Garden of Morr, the bots get stuck everywhere in the room with the plague cauldron. One particularly bad spot is under the ladder - the bots get stuck there constantly and then die from the damage of the muculent broth. No pic here, sorry.

Finally, on Engines of War, there’s a spot you can’t get rescued from if you fall off the edge. It’s just after the dropdown from the cave by the first tome. if you slip off the path here (which bots will just . . . do), you cannot be picked back up off the edge. Trying to do so results in the rescuer slipping off. Bots trying to rescue you just . . . vibrate intensely.

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