A breakdown of fatshark's 'open letter'

“…playing for weeks, not hours.” That sentence is absurd lmao
People have been playing VT2 for years. A lot of folks have hundreds and hundreds of hours, or even 1000+.
Trying to make people believe they had no idea there were expectations for Darktide is dishonest and dumb.


Yeah nah, can you point to me in the open letter exactly where they apologize?

There’s no apologies in there

An actual apology would have been nice. Maybe some accountability to go along with it.

Nowhere in the letter does Martin say he’s sorry for any of this.

“Suspending work on premium cosmetics” - we know that’s bulls**t since they are finished, they’ve been datamined, so we know they aren’t actually shifting any efforts here
“Stopping work on the XBox version” - ok, console version doesn’t even have a release date at this point, for all we know, they had stopped work on this a while ago

So, no, it can’t be taken as a “we don goofed and we apologize.” because… they didn’t apologize

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hm true, the closest was an admission of failing to archive what they set out to do. Not quite any “I/we are sorry about this”. And missing that bit is does come off as insincere, even if the intention seems to have been to deliver a corporate talk-style “apology”.

It doesn’t even say

it very much reads, “your expectations were too high, we’re going to try to meet them so you will be happy”.

They did state it didnt they?

We take enormous pride in our ability at Fatshark to to deliver a game millions can enjoy. This is what we set out to do with Warhammer 40,000 : Darktide - to create a highly engaging and stable game with a level of depth…"
"… We fell short of meeting those expectations.

This isnt saying that we the users had expectations, its saying that they, the producers, felt they had the skills, and they set out with a goal, but failed to reach it.

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From their point of view it is mission accomplished.

They got our money and they got tons of feedback on how to fix it and get more money on the first seasonal expansion that they were targeting in a few months.
Which now is going to get tons of praise as a, omg you fixed it, here is 40 more bucks.

The letter, the new patchnotes and the state of the game kind of show where their minds at… In the gutter.
They were hoping people would endlessly and mindlessly grind for the one chance a week for the weapon they want and simply just enjoy the endless and pointless rng.

It’s whale fishing, everything else is just ignored.

It’s hardly even a game at this point its just a demo, which they for some reason thought was going to be OK! And only Just now realized they have to go back and fix it!? Aaah what a drag…

I believe us pre order testers are partially to blame, since I and possibly all of us believed we were only playing a fraction of the full game… This might have given them a false sense of security and thinking they got away with it.

I’m guessing they have no idea what to do with the game and are scrambling because something has to be produced, paid for and promised in order to keep the whale money coming in…

I’ve tried to be positive and that they have great plans and stuff just waiting to be released and just wanna keep a steady stream of new content… But the letter, the new notes and the silence since before Christmas kind of say it all.
They have no clue and their original idea was what they released and thought was a good idea…they certainly managed to get weeks of grind out of such little content.
Which seems to have been the goal right… Weeks, not hours.

Idk, it’s probably over, this won’t turn out great.

when someone stomps your foot they say “watch where you are going” not " im sorry" :smiley:
i did buy jacket this week and i recived pants and letter i have to send back with pants sounds like this “dear xxxx team, aparently there was mistake in my order. i did recive this instead of this. please, check and change my order” ← it sounds like i did make mistake doesnt it? if you apology you are admiting you did wrong. i said it like month back nobody will apology to you get over it, like in year they will say we had bumpy start but its fine now, no apology ever.

An apology would mean an open admission of guilt, which would lead to liabilities, something fatshark definitely do not want as of this moment.