70 urgent changes this game needs. Reasoning included

I would like to see an end screen like in V1, where the stats are shown and the players got the option to vote for either retrying the map (when lost), playing another map or go right to the keep.


But what about quickmatch bonus?

do not forget the globadier who sees you in invisible with shade

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Yeah, I remember having the exact same problem once. Only once, because I don’t play stealth characters that much.

i’m a shade main, stealth does NOT make u immune to attacks, you have to block if you are getting attacked while activating / during stealth mode. enemies have single target attacks and aoe attacks, they won’t initiate single target attacks when u are stealthed, but you still can get hit by stormvermins and chaos warriors etc doing their big attacks on other players if u are not careful.

the stealth is actually very consistent (as of patch 1.06 at least, dunno bout the prev patches) enemies and bosses will always lose aggro and you become undetected - but you still need to block if you are activating stealth if the enemy has already started their attack on you. after that you can run thru them easy.

Thats NOT what I’m saying. Multiple times I’ve been attacked when running past enemies that are idle! And I’ve lost the count of how many times I’ve been attacked during stealth by enemies who were not enganged in combat.

its in my first comment :smiley:
at least its exploding charge attack

yea i am trying to say that i don’t experience the same thing though, not sure if what you’re experiencing is a bug

Ive noticed the same bug, sometimes I’ll have been in stealth for several seconds firing my crossbow and suddenly a slave rat will stop running and stab me. It has been pretty rare for me, maybe once every few runs or so. It seems if you bump into an enemy / they run through you then sometimes they realize you’re there. Not sure if by design?

Props to you for putting this list together, agree with the majority of it, although i understand how hard it is for this many changes to happen, at least its all together in one big group :slight_smile:

I wish there was some form of communication w/ FS where they ask the community what they want to see fixed and then poll/vote/figure out what everyone wants and then work on that (since everyone seems to have differing views on what they are up too/what their willing to change for playerbase and what is set in stone".

It is very early in the game release, and so far they have been doing a great job, so not too worried, but glad you put in the work to get it all together, so once again, props to you sir, good list :smiley:

Firstly, thanks. Being appreciated is always nice.

Secondly, I am very skeptical about voting system. Listening to community feedback is a must, but you shouldn’t follow it blindly, because people don’t always know what they really want, can barely evaluate task difficulty right and usually are not aware of the consequences of the changes.

But letting the community choose from a set number of options, allowing people choose their priority - that’s a very commonsense idea.


Could not agree more with this statement.

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Nice work you did here, thanks alot for this mate!
Even if FS only implemented 15% of your ideas i would probably be satisfied.

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Guys, I’d love to keep the list up to date, but I barely play Vermintide now. Could you please help me with that? 3 paragraphs might have been fixed by the devs in the latest patch:

1.11 Explosive barrels damage and probably radius.
2.8 Mob spawning: wave/ambush face-spawning, roaming spawning before players eyes, specials spawning on top of plyers head.
2.9 Patrols bugs: being stuck, no sound, face-spawning.

Could you tell me, if the fixes actually work and if they address all the aspects of the listed problems.

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Sadly while I appreciate all the effort you put forth here I’m essentially taking a break. I put in around 120 hours and enjoyed all of them, but gaming for me is not just a hobby it’s also a professional interest. I saw this game through it’s critical launch month or two and gave what feedback I could.

I’ll be playing it again, likely for a hundred more hours or even further, but my time is limited so I try and rotate through new games and come back to games after a large amount of updates have gone by. If I allow one game, even one as good as Vermintide 2, to take all my time I lose my exposure to the industry.

Considering what Fatshark has sown though, the game will be fine. It’s a great base game getting good support just like they did with the first game.

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I’ve put in 10 hours or so on the latest patch.

1.11 Can confirm the explosive barrels are fixed and now actually useful (or dangerous if you blow up the team, haha).

2.8 haven’t had any face-spawn stuff yet, but that was always kinda rare for me so probably too early to say.

2.9 I’ve been able to hear all the patrols a long ways away with so face spawns so that’s nice for sure. I did see one stuck patrol but they were still marching in place and making sound so easy to avoid.

Basically so far improvements seem to be holding up, will have to play more to make sure.


i actually like the firey barrels too, those are suprisingly effective against SV patrols when there’s no option but to engage

edit: they are incredibly effective against CW patrols too. those fiery barrels really do a hell lot of damage to enemies.


Bumping this topic because 12% playerbase loss over this month is no joke, disappearance of roadmap is concerning and FS should really read this and learn something about what the game really needs instead of putting twitch mode tweaks above the green dust problem on their priority list.


Thanks dude, but now, after spending more than a month at the forum, I think all this stuff here is irrelevant, and even implementing all those paragraphs is not gonna change anything in the long run due to one and one factor only, that FS needs to fix. I think their main problem is much more fundamental and has nothing to do with any particular game flaw - it is lack of respect to their players, people, which pay them money, support them and are the sole reason their game and their company does exist. All of their other problems come directly from this simple fact.

When I composed this list, I never even though about anything like that. I used to be very naive: that was my first experience of communicating with an indie game company, and I thought I could change something, help make the game better, do something good to people, that gave me so much joy. I thought, that this statement:

as well as all other statements about feedback importance FS made, really meant something.

But the more time I spent at the forum, the more I doubted, that these things have something to do with reality. And removal of the roadmap was the last straw, that made me realize what the actual problem is, and also removed any empathetic feelings I had to FS. Cause not only they failed all the deadlines and all the pledges, but they also tried to hide this fact; and they made no official apology for this, not even a single statement, acting like nothing happened. And for me, that’s the worst thing they’ve ever done, because it shows how the company treats their players… well, like some inferior beings, that will just swallow any kind of attitude.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that FS is filled with horrible arrogant people. I don’t know their hierarchy and their policy might be causes by a single person, being at the helm, or by a group of people. But all their promotional materials are presented in plural form, in such a way, that presents FS is a cohesive indie team, that is waiting for players’ feedback, will be glad to receive it and will certainly take it into account.

And that’s the most important, most fatal part of their policy. If you state such things, but do not follow them in reality, this is gonna backfire pretty soon and backfire hard. Seeing such statements, the most dedicated fans will surely get hyped and support you very much at first. But as soon as they realize that all those declarations was nothing, but a marketing hook, they will face deep frustration and you will simply lose them.

And that’s no joke. Losing community core is disastrous. Fans do so many things for their loved gamed on pure enthusiasm, which no one will ever do for any amount of money. This this includes but is not limited to mods, that fix game flaws, guides and newbie help, free internet promotion and just moral and material support, which you can’t achieve anything without.

If FS ignored their players from the very start, that wouldn’t be a big deal - every game company acts like this nowadays. But their disrespect to the players is caused by the fact, that they gave a lot of hopes and promises to them at first, and then screwed them up. And not just players in general, but the most devoted and faithful of them. And THAT is the biggest problem FS has right now, not patches, money or anything. FS also does some other things, that show their disrespect to players, like complete lack of any feedback on players’ problems, but these things are fully overshadowed by previous paragraph.

I can’t predict the faith of Vermintide 2. This is a unique game with unique gameplay, it’s core mechanic is very well done, and fanbase largely consists of good people, that are ready to forgive FS for their mistakes, if they get fixed. But the game surely received a hard blow, that will affect it for a very long time. And I am completely certain, that when making VT3 FS can’t afford doing any mistakes, cause people are alerted now, and will run away in case of any hints that VT3 has the same problems as VT2.

In conclusion, I’d like to share one lesson, that I learned for myself from the above situation - do not waste time and effort on good deeds, that you are not getting paid for. Very likely it will turn out, that the recipient doesn’t need your “good deed” and doesn’t even treat it as “good”. This happens, because very often what people want and what they state they want - is two completely different things; not to mention that your might have very different opinions on the subject. And also when doing something for free, your effort is ALWAYS valued much less. So is it really worth wasting your time? I personally don’t think so.

Yeah,I figured as much

Well,I learned the same thing interacting with Turtle Rock Studios devs on Evolve- but it lasted longer since they were way,waaaay more communicative than FS.
Studio owners and creators(whom I contacted via PM raising my concerns as to the games reception and future, to which they replied that their hands were pretty much tied in that aspect and they’ll just try rolling with what they had) of L4D were talking with players on a daily basis, lore and art creators engaged in most related discussions. You could just see they were truly dedicated to the game, but ultimately despite many warnings from the more concerned and not blinded by hype and sheer fanboyism players they did…too little too late. Only difference is that they were held by the gonads by their publisher 2K(and very,very carefully hinted at that in conversations), ever since Evolve and then Battleborn my most despised publisher ever.

FS seems to be hiding behind “we’re a small indie studio” excuse, as used by the more zealous defenders of their negligence.

That is no excuse. Best example being Grinding Gear Games who also started as a tiny indie studio. Over the years they created a game immensely enjoyed by a ever growing number of players and they did that by being THOROUGH, including giving long, extremely detailed explanations for all and any changes made to the game. I remember patch notes that took over an hour to read.

but hey, ¯_(ツ)_/¯ indie 30$ game, miracle it got released by such a tiny, inexperienced studio amirite?

I still hope VT2 will grow to at least meet some of my initial expectations and that I’ll be able to enjoy it in a year, but that’s only IF there’s any people left playing it and looking at steamchartsth playerbase drop is snowballing quite heavily.

Only real hope I have now is that there actually be mod support, so someone more thorough and dedicated can work on the game,but mod support seems more and more unlikely by the day and even if they do come through with it I can’t imagine how horribly broken and modder unfriendly it will be considered how the game turned out.

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