400h+ and did the proloque about 10 times yet

New PC´s, reinstalls etc… everytime i have to do this tutorial… Just let me skip that pls…

Escape - leave game?

tried this once, started again with the next restart

But… But… The okri challenge! Also, How will you know how to dodge? And block!!!

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You’ve gotten a new PC or reinstalled everything 10 times since March?


Because my old one had bluescreens only in V2 first since may. So i tried a lot and searched for the problem. (Reinstall V2 , reinstall windows etc. )
After i recognized that the problem was the windows april update (KB hddjsbdv) , I’ve send the PC back to the Repair-center ( warranty ) .
That 2 times and it has gone worse. Bluescreens everywhere but not, if i’m ingame. Something with the new windows dont match with the hardware/ drivers. So i got a brand new and better PC now.

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