2.0.7 — Standart Bearer head armor is no different than body. Both = CW equivalent. Intended?

So, I’m sorry — I tried searching for beta (like early beta) patchnotes, and failed. I think one of those mentioned that SB had unarmored head with CW type armored body, challenging players to land skill shots and kill him before he has an opportunity to place his banner. Somewhere around Beta 1, patch 3 or close this, I think.

Was this changed? Does my memory plays tricks on me? Cause right now he is fully covered in CW armor type — head or not.

Wargor has berzerker head, not unarmored.

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Whats the difference?

It’s elite category with the corresponding perks, not skaven slave type vulnerability.


Palesz is correct. Here is the exact note(from the June 20th Beta Patch #6):

“Made wargor (carrier of Standard) chaos warrior armor class, head unarmored (frenzy)”

This design is indeed intended. Before this change, they were almost no different from Bestigors.


Nice, thanks for finding that exact note! You’re my hero %-)

So, I guess it’s indeed a bug we have here, unless FS changed head into CW armor too, and forgot to add a patch note on that change.

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How do you know his head type is still super armor? I’ve seen videos that show them taking 80 damage from a handgun headshot, that seems too high for super armor. Berserker armor does have a lot of damage resistance, doesn’t it?

Modded realm, quick bow does same damage to wargor as it does to CW on headshots.

Handgun headshot sounds about right, always been good against CW.


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