2.0.7 audio

starting from 2day, when i hit multiple targets my audio bugs out and stop playing any noises. when the audio stops i also get some stutters as well. so when there is a horde i can’t hear anything.
as a sanity check, is any1 else getting this?

using usb headphone this whole time
ryzen system with rx 580


no1 else is getting this :c?

am i alone in this D:!?

I have not experienced this. Would suggest checking playback device properties, specifically things like EQ and spatial sound. If your USB headset requires a specific driver, which USB headsets often do, you may want to update or reinstall that.

Yes, but it goes static-y and glitches, doesn’t go silent. When hitting many things with a melee weapon in particular. Which is always. New to me as of today’s update.

As of the latest patch for me and the people I played with last night. Was only trying weaves and couldn’t find any specific triggers for it.

Might want to change “tag” to bug instead of feedback.

This has always been around with high cleave weapons that have high attack speed. It happens a lot more now. You can trigger it pretty easily by all camping on the second floor during the burning room event on the map, the pit. When everything climbs up in that hole in the floor, cleave them and enjoy bugged audio.

ok so i’ve tried with me usb headset, then my bluetooth headphone and then my speaker (onboard audio). they all have this problem. I think it’s the patch not me L_L …

heres a upload of a game i played with the audio bug. fatshark please fix this :frowning:

this bug was not present in 2.0.6


patch 2.0.8 did not fix this issue :frowning:

Happened with me too at 2.0.8

oh i should probably mention i do not have wom dlc. does that matter ;o? those of u that have this bug, do u also not have wom :o?

Holy crap that’s really bad. I don’t have DLC either and am not experiencing this issue. Have you tried any troubleshooting of your audio devices and settings?

its not me audio. because i’ve tried with another bluetooth headphone, and my onboard audio speaker. same issue. its this game. it has not happened before in 2.0.6

Have you reached out directly to support? This seems pretty game-breaking. I personally could not play the game in that state. Maybe try verifying game files through Steam? Just trying to help, because that sucks.

thx, i’ve reinstalled the game and it did not fix it. i’m sure its the patch (2.0.7+) that broke this. only thing i can do is wait for fatshark themselves to fix it. this thread to the “acknowledged” tag 2day. so maybe they’re fixing it right now… (or maybe not :C)

all i can do is wait. and yes when theres a horde i can’t hear anything XD

What does your sound device show on this page?


uhm… i have this page. but i only have 2 channels, no 8 channel. everything else is the same. does that answer anything ?_?

right now im using “2 channel, 16 bit, 44100 hz (cd quality)”

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