1000 hrs and red i got

kruber 29
dwarf 44
elf 27
saltz 44
sienna 19
nek 50
charm 39
trinket 37
total 289

didnt get saltz xbow red skin the vanquisher
kruber champion’s long bow
elf hagband and glaive
dwarf 1hand hammer 1hand axe 2handed axe 2handed hammer
TILL 980hrs!!!
and finally got these with 20 HRS
i am still playing vt2 XD

btw where is my kruber sword and shield?

Very nice, and damn, you played almost all the classes equally.

Yeah i love all 15 career and all of them have their own strong point so makes me feel fun to play

I wish dev make 6th hero or more career

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I post this every time someone mention that xD


Really hope she is the next character. The in game characters already have dialog talking about her. And she would be in this area during the end times.

The only class I’ve hardly used is the battlemage, first job sienna. I normally always play unchained if I go Sienna. You got a good build and weapons for her? I’ve messed about with her a bit, but I just can’t seem to get in the groove when I play her.

Sorry it was 1am in my time zone and i was on my bed

For battle wizard i use dagger crit chance block cost reduction with swift slaying and fire ball staff Chaos monster with barrage

I use left click for taking speicial and use no charge fireball spam to horde, pat and boss

Fireball has good mobile option and good dealing potential so it can kill monster and sv patrol fast even without str potion but if you have str potion wih decanter, you can kill ch patrol too

I use ult for venting and escaping dangerous place but if i hear assassin or pack master then i save it to cc both them and horde so i can kill them without risk

Using 100 block cost, if i dont have str against cw pat or sv pat reachs us, i take some of them to opposite side from team so team can kill rest faster and safer
Because sometimes enemy push you and it won't turn off tranquility but lower your guard for short time, don't let them too close to push you and dagger's good mobility will makes you unharmed till team coming for you

And yeah, i thought maybe bretonnian character is coming for 6th but i like vampire hero as 6th hero too
I would more happy if she use her hp for using her exclusive ranged or melee and it will makes her unique

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i can feel the PASSION radiating out of this thread

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