100 champ + legend map hats among other things

Im halfway to getting my first one, and the more I think about it the more I think 100 maps is too many, there are 15 careers so thats 1500 legend + champ runs to get all of the helmets which assuming the average map takes you 20-30 min thats 750 hours. I understand they are an end goal to work towards but I think 50 is considerably more reasonable because we always have really time consuming stuff like 500 deeds to do if we manage to finish all the hats which at 50 games per would still be 350 hours. Not to mention reds and cosmetics are still rare and you can still get duplicates (of reds), and you can still never find that one perfect one you want.

Lots of players self included are running out of steam in this pointless grindfest. I like the legend challenges, thats great, sorta like the hardcore achieves for v1, im always up for stuff like that, but the RNG ontop of RNG on top of RNG mixed with Korean MMO style grinding a1ds is just too much.


Agreed. 100 completions per career is an enormous amount of games. A goal to work towards is nice but it should feel more realistic. Not geared towards those who can play every day for 8+ hours a day.


In addition I assume FS plans on adding more content in the future, which will also give us stuff to do and make the game playable for longer. I see no reason for myself or the friends I play with to ever want to quit playing Vermintide with the exception being that this stupid RNG fest is so unforgiving and idiotic that we just uninstall out of pure rage. Do you know how f*ucking frustrating it is to have a total of 35 duplicate red items (not counting the originals) while you friend gears out every single hero they play in full reds at near 500 hours?

Its gotten to the point i’ve actually considered cheating to just give myself the items I want so I can just go back to having fun.


Considering you need about 1500 hours to get enough dust to roll stats for all your weapons and about 3000 hours to get all red weapons and all commendation hats for a player of my skill level, compared to that I don’t think it’s that much of a problem.

Let me rephrase: yes, the farming time for challenges is too much, but you just don’t see the bigger problem guys, idk why.


Don’t worry, we get it. Also the post above you.

It’s definitely a problem, this topic was simply aimed at something else @NikKotovski, a lot of topics already addressing the red problem too

I feel worse for getting reds atm than not getti them, the past two days I’ve gotten lucky to the point where I have at least one of all red elf ranged weapons when a friend of mine still only has dupe trinkets. Please fix this soon Fatshark…

But that said this is all off topic, and i agree that 100 games is a heck of a lot, especially with so many careers. 75 would be more feasible, 50 not sure, just curiosity to reverse the question; what would you consider “too little” besides the obvious “10 games”?

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No, they are not - that’s the big problem. If you search the forum, you will barely find a dozen topics about droprates themselves. Surely, you will find A LOT of topics about duplicates or bad luck protection, but bad luck protection won’t help much in terms of grind time - only even it out among all players. Lack of duplicates will help more, decreasing grinding time by about 3 times, but hats will still take 3k hours to farm. And while people complain about dupes, they still don’t see the bigger problem, which, imho, is very important.

No one is even trying to calculate farming times and half of people, when I do calculate and post them, just don’t believe me and laugh at those. Idk if they don’t wanna believe me that much or just can not understand simple math - but it is as it is.

But why is that important? Because dupes are not the problem. The time it takes to get desired items is. And dupe-protection is just one way of dealing with the core problem. When you understand the underlying cause, you can come up with different solutions, like crafting system or quest board or already stated dupe protection.

But first you should clearly realize how much time should these activities take. Because otherwise you’re just fighting the symptoms and you’re actually don’t know what you’re doing.

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I hope they will do some adjustments about that. I had more than 330 hours before 1.1, I’m sure I would have had some hats for some careers, so it feels a bit like a waste of time (not that much, I play mainly for the fun obviously, but I like to collect cosmetics). I wish they could have tracked that progression… So I think 50 runs as you said is more than enough.

No you don’t.


Your “calculations” have no basis in reality. The numbers changes everytime you mention them. Now it’s 3000, before that it was something as absurd as 12000 and sometimes it’s 5000. Of course nobody beilves you when you have facts to back up your claims.

The numbers never changed. I am just giving most optimistic number and FOR ME this time. Actual time depends on player skill and their winrate, and most players will need MORE than that.

Even j_sat said it on one of his streams, believe it or not. Wanna argue with him too?

Also, 3 months after launch, we can even do empirical math, since we have a lot of people with 500+ hours in.

The numbers you are spewing out in every thread has 0 basis in reality. If I see that you have written something in a thread I just ignore it since you zero facts to back any of your “calculations” with.

As one of the people with 500hrs plus in this game, it doesn’t take much mathing to realize that the number of hours required to grind out everything both challenge based and those things that are RNG based are absurd.

Wether absurd amount of hours means 1500 or 3000 or whatever else is really beside the point.

Especially with RNG and the dupe-o-rama, grinding out everything is probably a wide range from 1500 to 6000 hours depending on where you fall on the RNG curve.

The exact numbers aren’t important. What’s important is that the numbers are absurd.


FS think: they are asking for end game content? Give them a goal that require 1000 hours to get complete.
This is their idea of longevity

If it was 1000 hours, I would have completed the game by 50% now and wouldn’t be sitting here on this forum also. But even j_sat clearly states in his video, that he couldn’t fully gear 1 CHARACTER after 600 HOURS of play.

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