1,000,000 For a Skin?

1 Million for a single skin? not even legendary?
Am making an investment with war bonds or what?


Jesus Fatshark is horrid.


Thats the whole SET.

learn to read.


that would technicly be three skins (head, leg, torso) and while I would also like it to be less expensive at least we now have a money sink for ordo that will stay relevant a while so I’m not that mad.

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lemme check so because its a set, its no longer a skin? it become a loot ? or a mission? or maybe the breaker of locks?

its not a skin pack , you only get one set of skin. Leg+Body+Head

Thats how skins are classified in DT. It isn’t the whole set it’s each individual part.

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Well, I guess it’s only for very late-game players.

Some already reached the cap of 5,000,000


I have 4 characters to lvl 30, I never had more than ~ 150,000 ordo dockets at any given time on any given of the 4, no way in hell I would save up that many dockets for a re-colored skin I already have the proper version of, this is completely ridiculous but right on the mark for Fatshark who seems to fail at everything they do

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at this point it obvious that fatshart is employing some form of psychological warfare on its player base.

look up Stockholm syndrome


A lot of players don’t go into Brunt’s pachinko parlor so they’re drowning in cash if they’ve been playing for more than 200hrs. Still, for new folks and those that frequently burn their cash, I can understand why the prices can seem kinda jarring.


I have almost 600hs of gameplay, the character with most dockets (my vet) has 2M. The other 3 have around 1M.



In my mind 1 mil, or higher would be acceptable it wasn’t a reskin, but that’s these are.

one million is not that bad.
spacebucks are usless when you realize how pointless it is to play spaceman roulett and just buy the odd 370+ weapon you will break in crafting.
kinda wish they did something like this in V2 back in the days so you could dump your least usefull mats for some fashion

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I don’t know how many times I have to repeat it:


The game’s entire economy is clearly tuned for this.


Even if that’s the case, it’s a baffling design that is really limiting or shortsighted to anyone that doesn’t want to play just one class, which is a significant chunk of the player base (both remaining and gone).

Not really. Devs have recognised that in games where there’s lots of options, most people pick a favourite and stick with that, rather than spread their time more evenly over many options. People who spread their time more evenly are outliers.

When you consider that, it’s not that strange that devs tune their game systems around it.

I’d bet real money that it’s even a core part of the decision to use 3-month periods for the ‘new class’ cycle (whenever that starts happening).

I wouldn’t say they were outliers and are a significant minority, especially long-term players.

They did build systems that would make kinda sense if they expected people to only play one character. Remember the original contracts that needed 10+ hours to complete per character. The hard timegates and limiting of the Emperor’s gifts? The resource siloing?

Let‘s say you play all 4 classes.
And you have a job.
And you reroll your weeklies a few times to get good ones that also do not annoy you a lot.

You can easily spend 200k+ per char per week on task rerolls.
Good luck getting 1mil in disposable dockets.
Even without spending anything on brunt.

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the thing is i don’t relly mind a super grindy rewards in games, the problem really is that the horrible systems in place don’t allow me to safe up currency since a single piece of decent equipment can cost between 100k-1M.

im already constanly broke and thats just one character i cant even start another since it takes ages to save up enough for a set of gear