1.0.8 The new music/voice lines/graphics are really nice

The new keep music is nice compared to what it was before(which was a tune I also enjoyed). It feels more inn/tavern like. A restful melody to be played in a tranquil place.

The new Rat Ogre music is great and I like it more than the original piece that was used. You know immediately what’s coming(it feels more defined, whereas you might confuse it with a stormfiend when the music initially starts).

The rings for blightstorms that show their diameter and where they will spawn is very helpful and doesn’t take away from the experience at all.

The aesthetic updates for the head pieces are much appreciated and needed. Hand Maiden’s in particular looks fantastic now.

The pile of voice lines that were added are wonderful to have and are appreciated. It really adds to the immersion and experience and I would love to hear more in the future. The voice actors for this game are amazing and I love hearing their(and everyone who makes the magic happen) work.

I can’t think of everything at the moment, but despite the bugs in the 1.0.8 beta, there are a lot of great additions and such to the game. When things like green dust or all sorts of bugs get fixed, this’ll be thoroughly enjoyable. But, I’d like to keep this thread limited to positive notes related to the content added/improved in 1.0.8.

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