1.0.7 Update - Expanded Patch Notes (Balance & Tweaks)

For real! Encouraging players to maim themselves in order to save themselves is neither fun nor immersive.

Whoever decided that this is the way toughness should work should be moved out of the design room and into the janitor’s closet.


This explains the frustration I have been having with this game.

Honestly the chip damage feels awful to play with, especially in a game where there are so many ranged enemies that tear through your toughness in a matter of seconds only for a random melee to down you even though you had a sliver of toughness left.

Either the range at which enemies get melee-locked needs to be increased or this mechanic needs to go. Toughness should feel like an overshield that protects you from an instance of damage, regardless of the power or the source of that damage. To balance this you could make it so if your Toughness breaks you can’t gain Toughness from Coherency for 3-5 seconds.


I almost never come to a forum to post about anything really. But this and some other recent changes really damage core aspects of the game and it’s gameplay loop. It’s extremely concerning that the devs thought this was even remotely healthy for the game.


I just had to create an account for this frustrating change…
Since this update I’ve seen so many matches where ppl try to “clutch” on low hp only to get one-taped by a single hit, despite cleaving through so many enemies… With such changes this game needs temp health… badly…
Temp health is a tried and tested system from V2… use it! You can even keep the toughness system, just adjust it for ranged attacks…

Step 1: Implement temp health (amount per kill, temp hp only from melee or also ranged is up to you - not the focus of this problem)
Step 2: Toughness affect only projectiles and nothing else. Melee, flames and other things do full dmg (covered by temp health) and ignore the toughness"overshield" (they can still dmg the shield - up to you).
Step 3: Keep the system you described but apply it only to ranged dmg.
Step 4 (optional): Add an “anti-stagger” system to toughness with the same logic as step 3 (more toughness = more wiggle room to get to cover and not get staggered to death in an open field from ranged attacks)

There… A tried and tested system with temp health from V2 that covers melee focused things, that everyone is familiar with, and an “overshield” for all the new ranged stuff that was introduced with Darktide.


They are to busy making sure 2/4 classes are broken and don’t work correctly.