1.0.7 Update - Expanded Patch Notes (Balance & Tweaks)

Oh sorry, no I didn’t mean to call you out in particular at all - I’m sorry that’s how I came off. I thought you were actually very reasonable and I was agreeing with you, I was calling everyone else who isn’t.

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Thank you, the extra is appreciated.

Why did dodging need to be nerfed and kiting removed? Was anybody complaining about it? Was it unintended because to myself and other felt like a feature not a bug.


i have yet to see a single complaint about the previous dodging system. fs devs are nerfing the only things making melee combat fun. i doubt they’ve ever even beaten their own game on difficulties 4/5.

i had 3 teammates downed in a boss fight on heresy and thanks to the dodging, it was the most intense and adrenaline fueled fun i’ve had in any game when i fought off numerous npcs, and still managed to res my ogryn teammate who got the other two teammates, and we won.
i genuinely doubt i could clutch ever again with dodging nerfed to uselessness.

now, if you got 3 downs, just stand still and get it over with cause there’s no way out of it.

if i wanted to only pew pew pew, i’d play apex legends – not darktide. they need to revert the dodge nerf, or figure out a real solution to the problem at hand, cause this ain’t it chief.


i feel the same way about the dodging it is a shame they edited it


I played a couple maps with the new dodge mechanic and I have to say I agree with others - I don’t like this change.

Dodging gunfire is so much harder now, I’ll dodge a special like the dog or trapper, and suddenly I can’t dodge gunfire or a swarm well enough - or vice versa: I’ll dodge gunners and suddenly can’t get out of the way of a disabler. I just feel hindered unnecessarily and the game is less fun to me because of it.

Not a fan of this change and preferred the way it was before. It felt more fun and enjoyable before, and was even better in the closed beta. Especially since the characters were slowed down since the closed beta, movement just feels slow and clunky now and I don’t like it. Ogryn just feels miserable now - I feel like a slug who can’t go anywhere.


it isn’t just much harder to dodge gunfire, it’s impossible now. i played a game a few minutes ago where my 3 teammates got downed, and i couldn’t dodge both the sniper, and the horde rushing me. darktide’s fun factor is very quickly dissipating. i hope they do a poll on the dodge mechanic, cause i don’t want them to feel as if they did the right thing by nerfing dodge. they didn’t.

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I never post on forums anymore but this dodge change really has me puzzled.

It’s amazing how two simple changes since closed beta have made the game significantly less fun for me and the folks I play with - but the nerfs to movement speed and now this dodge nerf have really spoiled the experience.

Closed beta had issues but the movement felt smooth and joyous to play, and that’s not an easy thing to get right! Games that ‘feel’ this good to play are so rare and I thought this was something Fatshark intuitively understood.

I really hope the devs here take a look at this feedback and at the very least revert the latest dodge changes whilst they figure out what their aim is for the movement. The high skill cap of the 'Tide games has a lot to do with their longevity and the dodge system is a big part of that. Stop pulling at that thread or the whole yarn will come undone.


Can we get confirmation on whether Grenadier’s Gauntlet counting as a “heavy attack” on normal attacks in intentional or not?

I’d love to build around it with the new bleed changes, but don’t wanna commit to something that’ll change in a patch or two.

Honest question as I seem to be missing something. What did this ‘dodge nerf’ do in an actual game?

The dodge on my Zealot with my Eviscerator seems exactly the same as before

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Try dodging more than 3 or four times in a row

I do all the time which is why Im asking. perhaps it effects some weapons alot more than others?

If I am in melee Im constantly dodging and swinging

" Dodge tweak pass to remove kite-ability and edge-case slowdowns

  • Removed linger time vs. ranged attacks (was 0.2s extra after dodge finished)
  • Tuned dodge curves to maintain a slower end of curve to disallow chain-dodge move speeds above sprinting (no kiting for you)
  • Limited speed mods to only scale speeds above normal movement speed to ensure low-rolled mobility weapons don’t get stuck in place"

If you dont notice it lucky you, makes the game way slower for me and if you dodge to many times you cannot move. I use the eviscerator too and it effects me

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yeah Im a noob and thats like reading another language lol

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I had 0 crash and only 2001 disconnect errors before this patch and after this patch have A LOT of 4008 errors and some regular crashes.

8 days of internal error. We have more than 400 posts on topic about this problem and nothing happens. I will talk about this again and again, and its three options here: 1) u ban me 2) u give us patch that fix that 3) u gave us information what u know about it, how long we need to wait, what causing that problem e.t.c.

It’s not very often that I feel strongly enough about a mechanic that I can be bothered to post about it. It’s even rarer that I feel strongly enough to register a forum account just to post my concerns.

But! Here we are. I see what the intent behind this is, and while I do agree that some level of health attrition is necessary, I strongly disagree with this path forward and I’d like to encourage the team to reconsider it. I could wax on about how I’ve almost never seen bleed-through done in a way that felt ‘right’ (and I should note, it most certainly doesn’t feel intuitive or challenging in Darktide - merely annoying) but instead I want to focus on why I think it’s mechanically the wrong choice.

As a longtime VT1 and VT2 vet, and as someone who’s been playing shooters of all types since before the good old days of Halo CE (might be aging myself here, oops), some level of health attrition is necessary. Health is a resource as vital as ammunition, grenades, and consumables, and if it’s possible to entirely avoid Health damage through shield tanking then that’s a problem unto itself that I think everyone wants to avoid. Attrition encourages players to keep moving; it keeps the pressure on, and makes it clear that the space the players inhabit is not their own. It is hostile and, gods willing, it will kill them. It’s not a question of if staying put is fatal, it’s a question of when will it be fatal.

Attrition is a useful mechanic, and in its previous incarnation, Toughness could really slow it down or even prevent it. However, I fear that damage bleed-through with Toughness poses more problems than it fixes. In my view, it invalidates builds around Toughness, and it risks pushing the developing meta towards Health and Wounds-focused builds. Both allow you to hold out between Medicae stations, and both are strongly correlated with enhanced survivability in scenarios where your Toughness breaks. However, it shouldn’t have to be this way.

Toughness should allow a little wiggle room when mistakes are made - a minor conk from a Poxwalker’s shiv shouldn’t punch through it. Perhaps a glancing bow from a Marauder’s Chainaxe, or a good gnawing-on from the Poxhound - but from ‘trash’ mobs it’s… Well. It’s not really satisfying.

Yes, Toughness is still useful even with damage bleed-through. Yes, it can and will get you out of a tough situation. But it doesn’t feel good when you’re at a sliver of health and you have max Toughness, and you perish to a love tap that ordinarily would’ve barely scratched your Toughness. It feels arbitrary, even capricious, and it entirely misses the tension and fun of temp health-fueled last stands in Vermintide where you could claw your way back from defeat. Here, there’s no clawing back - you can become depleted to the point where a single hit is death, no matter how well or how valiantly you’re fighting, and no matter how much you’ve invested into bolstering your Toughness.

That’s the big thing for me. With bleed-through enabled, Toughness is effectively masquerading as temp health. However, it’s neither as useful nor as mechanically intuitive.

I think that Toughness acting as a true ‘shield’ would be problematic in its own right, and I hope we don’t go that direction - but I don’t think that damage bleed is a satisfying way to enforce health attrition as part of the gameplay loop. I’d much rather see corruption stack more rapidly and from more sources, or see more varied defensive options (Laspistol + a riot-esque shield, anyone?) to give us more options in the absence of an actual temp health mechanic. We don’t need much, but we do need something that recaptures the brilliant tension and thrill of building back a pool of temp health that lets otherwise-doomed teams claw back from certain defeat. Right now, damage bleed-through gets in the way of that, and lemme tell ya - that makes me one sad, sad cat.


Yo I dropped by because I had to say that I think y’all are doing a really terrible job balancing the game with all the nerfs.

I think it was really weird and senseless to make the Zealot class a frontline fighter with toughness regeneration if enemies are still just going to down you right through a full bar of the stuff.

It was completely not smart and totally sadistic to nerf dodge and on behalf of everyone who didn’t have any fun after that change I wanted to thank you for that.

I also wanted to thank you guys for adding a Thunder Hammer into the game that’s as useful as a foam bat, thanks.

I read through a lot of this and a lot of people are saying zealot is in a bad place right now but as a zealot who only plays damnation now i can say that since 1.07 zealot feels like its in a really good spot. Its really strong and even with the bleedthrough damage on toughness it doesnt hinder the gameplay cycle thag zealot has. Great job with 1.07

Yes. Your HP should not be reduced in this way past a certain amount.

The other day, I ended up at like 15 HP, but no healing available. I was not wounded yet, and I realized it would be better for the team if I were to go down intentionally against fodder, rather than in a high-intensity fight. So they can just pick me up and I would be back at 120 HP, with one wound.

This is dumb!