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  • Disconnecting on victory/mid-level? Read here, please.

    I wish I had something more meaty for you, but right now we're performing what could be described as homogenisation of the code bases for Vermintide, this includes the all important fixes for XB1. We absolutely realise this is taking longer than all parties hope (yourselves and us also) but once we've merged these and release that patch, we'll all be in a much better place. It's coming I promise.

    update: the patch was delivered earlier than my first estimations and went live November 18
  • Quests & Contracts Release Update

    Hello heroes!

    We won't beat around the bush; We're having to delay the launch of Quests & Contracts until tomorrow (13 OCT).

    We were very close but have had a last minute blocker in that the final build came out unusually large. The PC team are working to re-work the package tonight in order to bring the size of the update to acceptable levels.

    The open beta remains live. You can find out how to access it here for the remainder of the test:

    Sorry to bring you this news so late in the day.


    The Fatshark Team
  • I found a bug.

    I understand you're frustrated, however spamming the boards will not help to speed along proceedings or in any way remedy your woes with the game. We're working day and night to bring stability and fixes out now the game is in the wild, and welcome all feedback and bug reports. Spam is distracting for the team and other users seeking help and to have their voice heard. Thanks.
  • PS4 Launch Patch

    Regarding pre-order bonuses, those were due to be delivered with the launch patch which is due any minute now. The 10% pre-order discount was a miscommunication on the store page side, and the PSN Store are handling these corrections automatically through their Customer Support channels.
  • Xbox One Launch

    We have a fix about to go out for this which we hope will remedy the most severe of these reported incidents. Let us know your experiences. It should be live in an hour or two at most.