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  • Some silly moments and ways to improve them

    Without long introductions - certain moments in the game, which I for one consider rather silly. And, respectively, ways to fix them.

    1. Witch Hunter's rapier is for some strange reason paired with a purely decorative, non-shooting pistol, which is seen only while blocking. Why pistol? There is a better combination - rapier and dagger (maine gauche).

    It's like this

    or this

    or, maybe, this

    It would look way more logical. Plus - exactly the dagger / maine gauche could be the weapon for charged armor-piercing attack (as it was IFRL).

    2. Charged attacks for all "weapon + shield" combinations. Sorry, but mere shield bash as a charged, armor-piercing attack? Am I the only one, for whom it looks fairly stupid?
    My suggestions here would be as follows:

    - ES's sword and shield - shield bash remains, but - as a stunlock or staggering the enemy before actual attack: a thrust done with sword (pretty much like WH does with his rapier);

    - ES's mace and shield - shield bash as a stunlock or staggering plus an overhead strike with longer and slower swing-up, than one for normal attacks;

    - DR's hammer and shield - pretty much like ES's mace and shield;

    - DR's axe and shield - shield bash as a stunlock or staggering strike, accompanied with overhead strike, pretty similar to one of the one-handed axe without shield;

    IMO it would add some more immersion to the game.
  • Community Opinion

    Voted for new characters - mostly for Kislev ones, but - Warrior Priest and Questing Knight (or Knight Errant, or Grail Knight, or Knight Of The Realm) would be good as well.
  • New Classes?

    It's the End Times, true, but if you listen at the intro (the begginning cutscene), the Innkeeper tell you that the Chaos god decide to attack. So Chaos creature are with Skaven. But I think greenskin aren't Chaos spawn (using Sienna's word). So yeah, Orc or goblin could be allied to our little team
    Orcs belong to the different Grand Alliance - the Destruction (not to Chaos).
    both skaven,undead and chaos ( wether they be norsca,beastman or demons) have a legit place as enemies in the end times and we will probably see theyr own campains at some point, ( like the end game scutscene of white rat says) but orcs could definalty either be enemies if the game let us face a Waag or allies against choas forces. i don't see an orc properly collaborating with any non greenskin race in any other circumnstance but the end times might very well be the only passable exeption. afterall it WAS grimgor ironhide to give Archaon the most memorable ( and painfoul) defeat in all WFRP lore ever
    Skaven and Chaos itself belong to the Chaos Grand Alliance (in the Age of Sigmar, must admit), while all kinds of undead - to the Death Grand Alliance. As for Orcs - see above.

    Still - they all are welcome as enemies - some day in the distant future, maybe with some standalone expansion(s) to this game or merely a great big DLC :-))

  • Buyable helmets?

    What I really wonder why - is why only helmets represent the armor? Why not complete different armor sets (light, medium, heavy ones)?
  • A suggestion - new enemies.

    The Skaven are represented in the game pretty accurately even lore-wise (kudoz to devs, no joke).
    But - as even the Sun has some spots on it ! - there's no limit of perfection. Thus - here are my suggestions for adding some new enemies to the existing Skaven.

    1. Skaven Plague Monks.

    Slightly more dangerous variant of Clan Rats - practically Clan Rats with poisoned weapons. The latter do not only direct damage, but also poison DoT.

    2. Skaven Plague Censer Bearers
    Similar to the Clan Rats in terms of HP, but, besides doing the direct and DoT on hit targets, also produce the clouds of noxious fumes swinging their flail-like weapons (with AoE DoT effect). Practically - melee Globadiers.

    3. Skaven Warplock Jezzails.

    Very high damage per shot, long range, high accuracy, slow rate of fire , low HP. A kind of "glass cannon".

    4. Skaven Stormfiends

    In fact - Rat Ogre-sized beasts, provided with armor on top of all that, with various weapon options, melee or ranged.

    5. Skaven Night Runners


    In fact - ranged Clan Rats, armed with slings, shurikens and throwing knives. Can engage both at range and in melee, Can shoot and move at the same time.