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  • Some silly moments and ways to improve them

    Without long introductions - certain moments in the game, which I for one consider rather silly. And, respectively, ways to fix them.

    1. Witch Hunter's rapier is for some strange reason paired with a purely decorative, non-shooting pistol, which is seen only while blocking. Why pistol? There is a better combination - rapier and dagger (maine gauche).

    It's like this

    or this

    or, maybe, this

    It would look way more logical. Plus - exactly the dagger / maine gauche could be the weapon for charged armor-piercing attack (as it was IFRL).

    2. Charged attacks for all "weapon + shield" combinations. Sorry, but mere shield bash as a charged, armor-piercing attack? Am I the only one, for whom it looks fairly stupid?
    My suggestions here would be as follows:

    - ES's sword and shield - shield bash remains, but - as a stunlock or staggering the enemy before actual attack: a thrust done with sword (pretty much like WH does with his rapier);

    - ES's mace and shield - shield bash as a stunlock or staggering plus an overhead strike with longer and slower swing-up, than one for normal attacks;

    - DR's hammer and shield - pretty much like ES's mace and shield;

    - DR's axe and shield - shield bash as a stunlock or staggering strike, accompanied with overhead strike, pretty similar to one of the one-handed axe without shield;

    IMO it would add some more immersion to the game.
  • Announcing Last Stand and Schluesselschloss DLCs

    Fatshark i have some suggestion about this mode. Give people chance to survive like in Warhammer 40 000 Space Marine, please. In Space Marine there are 20 normal waves and after them is bonus wave. If people survive 21 st wave they are satisfied. Last wave have special enemies nor regular. This will be better than survival without chance to win. I can't see any sense in survival which will end after everyone will die. All my friends played survival in L4D only to get achievements than this mode died. Look on Warhammer 40 000 Space Marine many people still playing it (me too) because if they play good they can win not die without sense. This is still hard to do but it give players more fun.
    This (WH40K Space Marine Exterminatus) exactly, or - something like Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, i.e. with difficulty levels (still play both sometimes). The Last Stand should be winnable. (Extremely) hard to win, but winnable.