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  • Charged Melee Attacks and FF

  • My Input - after seeing the latest DLC

    Hello Fatshark,
    I just want to say well done on the latest DLC. You guys do ramp up the difficulties by adding new large maps and the random-pathing, they are really awesome. Those large maps are not making the players to get by easily. Double events, multi-directional horde spawn, they are just awesome. One more thing that if I may add, can you add multiple Ogres on higher difficulties like Nightmare and Cataclysm? The Ogres are like the peak of the performance in every map. The Ogre fights pump our blood and excite us. We need multiple Ogre fights in those large maps you made. This is what differentiate players with good team work and without. This is what differentiate true Survivors and those who just go by. Can this be added for the next DLCs?

    The second point I want to make is: Health Pack. With higher difficulties (NM or Cata) I think there is a need to lessen up the number of Health Pack and Med Potions. I believe I still find 2-4 med packs in each item spawn points. This is a game breaker because it defeats the purpose of having to go through the map with teamwork. In higher difficulties which I believe Teamwork is essential, Players would go solo instead, kill some rats, gets really badly injured, then heal - Rinse and Repeat. Players should know when to protect their mates, when to shell up, and when to go astray for a few seconds only to reach some tomes or items . With the help of all Health Pack spawning in many places it defeats this purpose. Please lessen them up. Make it hard for the survivors to go by. Encourage teamwork. After all I believe that not only this should be a good co-op action game, but in a way it is also a Survival game.

    PS: Obviously additional med packs can be scattered after every Ogre fights to relate the two points above. Or better: make the Ogre drop some Meds after its' defeat without having to compromise my second suggestion in regards to Map-related Meds.

    Thank You,
  • New Skins

    I think giving this "skin" option will get players back to the dice. If for example Fatshark gives around like 5-10x new skin design for each character. Put them out as new "Tier 3/4" items. This will definitely keep players "in the game" - something for players to look forward to. A giveaway. Heck all the red items are quite easy to get these days.
    I don't think it's "hard" to create an extra new clothing / skin item for the characters? It's a mutual thing for both Dev and Players.

    The new "skin" item object can be a combination of: facial, clothing, accessories - all in one item object (to keep it simple and tidy) - just like a "hat" or a "trinket".

  • My thoughts on Vermintide at lvl 43

    I like point 4. Randomizing Grim and Tome locations will challenge players throughout each session and make it less repetitive. They should be considered "extras" upon map completion hence randomizing it makes more sense. It will also add challenges to those who can already beat the 'Cataclysm' Mode without any problems (due to Red weapon release).

    Improving latency should be another major point being considered, knowing this game is considered a 'real-time' FPS. The timing of each attack and dodges are very crucial.

  • Sound Bug

    I agree on death message when killing Specials. It does not always show now.