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  • Patch 1.2.3 Live

    I don't know who this LiVam is, but I can tell they're not very fond of natural light.

    On a serious note, I'm really into the idea of being able to easily access other people's profiles from in-game now. This was a necessity because for some reason Steam doesn't keep track of the players I meet in Vermintide like it would with other games. Maybe it wasn't really a big deal, but it did manage to bug me once or twice.

    livam is a level 720 + player and dev who likes Lizardman. Hence a god. you don't need to know anything else

    EDIT: damn i saw the new level...3000 what? can you EVEN go that far!? i will never stop playing this game
    It was a long weekend! ;)

  • 26/01/16 live stream summary

    We've uploaded a VOD of the stream to our Youtube channel here if you're interested in watching it:

    Great summary though!
  • So, what now Fatshark?

    Hey folks,

    Posted a thread on the status of our next patch here:
    Sorry for the lack of clear information lately, we're back in action now in full production of some really cool content and we'll have lots more to share with you all in the weeks and months to come.

    We're very much committed to continued support for Vermintide and 2016 will definitely be the year of the rat :)
  • Any updates comming soon?

    Most of us have been on winter holidays for the past few weeks but are back in action now :)

    We're finalizing a patch which contains the 2nd and 3rd shrine pages and some QoL changes such as an option to remove head bobbing, as well as several bug fixes. I'm hoping to push this out to a public test branch at the start of next week. And if everything goes well we'll release the patch after a few days.
  • We want to talk about your game with you. Do you want to talk about your game with us?

    Let me start off by saying we absolutely want to talk about the game with you all. Unfortunately we've been spread thin as of late and those of us who participate in the forums and social media have simply been too swamped with other things to keep up. We're in the process of recruiting a Community Manager who will focus on making sure you (the community) are being heard. Finding the right person for this role has been a lengthy process, but we're getting close!

    Quite a few of us browse the forums every day but going through and answering takes a lot of time. This is definitely something we aim to improve on going in to 2016 though.

    We really appreciate all the support you are giving us and that you're interested in being a part of this community.