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  • The Gardens of Moor

    Well, funny enough I actually got to see it happen in a match I joined trying to legitimately pass the mission on Nightmare. Almost as soon as the exploiter got over the wall they got nailed by an Assassin but the bot got it off. Good luck to anyone trying to beat it normally and not getting ire if you don't go along with the exploit. They actually tried kicking me but since I was the only one alive and by myself I ended up getting hooked and right after a victory screen popped up. I almost dropped out too but stayed in out of spite when I saw the kick come up.
  • Unable to Create Steam Lobby For accidently not claiming Winter Wonderloot

    I'm not being optimistic when I say the game has weathered time just fine even with tons of technical issues because it is fun. There are plenty of games out there that are technically flawless and not worth the time because it's nothing but clean programming and no real design. Though, I doubt people will stop making these kinds of claims and accusing Fatshark of every known heresy known to man. Patience is invaluable and 'nothing' is ever perfect.
  • New Enemies

    I have to agree, I looked through them all and not one added breasts the game. Frankly I'm just ashamed of their exclusion in such an extensive list as they clearly are important to all fantasy action games! Though, we'll need a completely separate forum to discuss jiggle physics and how they will affect weapon balancing... :(|)
  • Statistics

    Screenshot it and log it like an accountant! *-:) I'd like a stat for severed body parts so I can create a virtual pile in my head if you would! >:)

    Oh dear lord you've fed the spambot. Oh dear lord I did too! We're all doomed to become alpha muscle men! Save us FatShark, that shall now be referred to as FluffyShark!