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  • Heroes, Weapons, Trinkets, Heads and Armors! PAID DLC

    Sometimes I think it's good that they don't tell us everything they are planning. It's likely they planned a third DLC we just do not know anything about just yet. Also, quite a few believe there is a free DLC in the future as that does tend to come between paid DLC. I actually have said this in another thread about Armor about rather than changing it let us 'tint' parts of the armor as this wont require adding new art assets but will require some work by coders. Really, there is a lot you can do with existing armor such as adjusting transparency on certain parts or actually removing the geometry.
  • More armor-piercing melee weapons for Empire Soldier.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a Flail for Markus. It's a weapon I have always found to be fun to play around with in games. Though, now that I have seen some neat stuff on Chain Whips I would love to just see that in the game period.
  • Higher Damage Friendly Fire

    This would just encourage them to accidentally kill you and anyone else they are playing with. Just the sheer amount of griefing this would cause makes this easily a horrible idea. Yes, friendly fire should be a thing others are aware of but I'd rather the penalty bounce back onto the offender than become a quick ticket to wiping out the team.
  • I haven't Received my DLC bonus items!!! PLS RESOLVE

    At first I thought you meant the hats but now it's sounding like you wanted the Drachenfel exclusive weapons... Exactly what are you missing?
  • [PC] Vermintide VR - Hero Trials - OUT NOW, TOO!

    Damn, any chance these levels will become standard later on? That second one would fit in perfectly with the Witchhunter's backstory! I cannot run it but I'm going to try it anyways lol. Also, is there a chance this can come to consoles since VR 'is' supported on consoles (Ps4 for sure) now or should be very soon in the One's case? Getting it anyways for potential free levels if my PC can ever run Vermintide. This actually makes me consider VR and that is saying a lot considering my current stance on VR. Well, I ended up just dropping a 20 and getting all your stuff with the hope some of it will run lol. Enjoy my money!