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  • Markus / Viktor's colours

    I'm not sure about Viktor but they do mention Markus serving in Ostland.
  • Where is my bounty board?

    Yes, you need to have completed all missions on any difficulty if I recall for PC. Are you on PC and have you done such? If you are on console the Q & C DLC is being held hostage by Santa Claws until he feels there are enough delicious children to sate his hunger. He is a very hungry giant rat after all!
  • License not recognized! ALL DIGITAL PURCHASERS PLEASE READ!

    I am going to try and keep this brief but if I fail I apologize. There is currently an issue with some users myself included where your Xbox One no longer recognizes your license for Vermintide. I cannot confirm if it affects both the Collector's Edition and the Standard or just the Collector's Edition that I own. After following many steps given to your through Microsoft's Customer Support you will need to uninstall and repurchase. However, since the Collector's Edition is no longer available you will lose content and are being warned now.

    Additionally, I strongly suggest Fatshark look into this on their end as it might be related to the removal of the Collector's Edition from the Live Marketplace. There is a good chance you will have to work with Microsoft to completely resolve this. Again, please be wary of removing content from the Marketplace as it does seem to affect licenses.
  • FREE LOOT: Winter Wonderloot - Day 4

    That's good to know. So that's 8 am Eastern and 5 am Pacific. Makes sense because I checked at 6 am when I was still up not being miserable from this undying cold. I do have a question about whether you can already be logged in or you 'have to' log in after said time? I have not been able to check this because I didn't know a time for reset but I can figure this out on my own if you are not sure.

    I am going to include this handy link since I cannot figure out everyone's time difference...
  • server browser and host migration

    I'm going to second the server browser because it seems to be an option on PC already and perhaps even PS4 but somehow not on Xbox One. As for host migrating I am not sure if it would not cause more issues and complaints. For now, I highly suggest LFG and Clubs as they fill this role well enough and 'most' people putting up LFG will communicate far more than just randoms.