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  • Where is your progress saved?

    i'd probabaly just exclude the whole game folder or whatever, if the problem is it's being reset. of course, i dunno what the hell the point of running the game in a virtual PC is so my default resolution to the problem is "cut that out".
  • Charged Melee Attacks and FF

    that's never happened and nobody at fatshark has ever brought it up.
  • Allow to Blacklist Players

    this is something you'd need to do in steam, as they handle that part of the matchmaking. open their character page in steam and block them there.
  • Grimoires / Tomes

    since always. gimoires take up the (magical) potion slot and tomes take the healing slot. still means you need at least two people, which is apparently too many for some.
  • some questions about the dwarf items/buildings in the game for the art team.

    so, I'm a longtime fan of the dwarf faction in warhammer, with them being my main army and the usual backdrop for my occasional RPG Games I run in that setting. and I'm a big fan of this game, with it being great. but I've had a few niggling lore questions for the art team brewing for a while now and decided i may as well ask them.

    -The gear Bardin obtains through the game heavily features the Dwarf rune Azamar, or infinity/eternity. the rune is typically representative of the authority of the high king, which is very odd for a simple ranger to carry as a symbol and doubly so for one from the grey mountains, who have had a somewhat rough relationship with the authority of the high king. is there an in-character reason for Bardin's seeming preoccupation with the rune, and if so can we hear about it?

    -the dwarfmade bridge over the river seems kind of lopsided. it also seems to have inexplicable areas of rushing water on/in it for some reason. is there anyone on the art team that is interested in explaining/showing what they were intending behind the design?

    -the dwarf buildings in the beta map "chain of fire" seemed to still be furnished, to the point that expendables like candles and food could be found in the building, but the voice lines indicated the trade post has been abandoned for years. is there supposed to be people still occupying those buildings in secret or did the art team overlook that the dwarfs would take their possesions with them when they moved out? the crates could easily have been large-low value bulk items like raw stone or lumber, but the jars and forge tools are somewhat harder to explain...

    -in Iardin's room in the inn, he has several bottles of "mückenhof stout", which is the only place in the game they seem to appear. the text at the bottom of the label is unfortunately unreadable however, due to the red being too hard to read. what does the label say, and why does this beer only show up in this one area?

    if anyone on the dev team wanted to talk about their creative choices on this, I'm all ears. well, eyes....unless you guys considered doing an art-direction stream! that'd be swag!