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  • Buyable helmets?

    We have some cool news soon with regards to obtaining items for a specific slot, including helmets and trinkets (and with the potential to help players have more control on item slots their looking to obtain pieces for in general).
  • Quests and Contracts Update?

    Quests and Contracts is going to be free
  • It's always summer, somewhere. Welcome to Sonnstill.

    image Courtesy of Mister_Leroy from reddit
  • I found a bug.

    I understand you're frustrated, however spamming the boards will not help to speed along proceedings or in any way remedy your woes with the game. We're working day and night to bring stability and fixes out now the game is in the wild, and welcome all feedback and bug reports. Spam is distracting for the team and other users seeking help and to have their voice heard. Thanks.
  • Patch 1.5 Karak Azgaraz Open Beta, now live!

    • Added missing lines for healing draughts
    • Added missing Polish lines for *ragged breathing* when Bardin is low on health
    • Fixed a number of missing translations
    • Witcher hunter no longer says "There is the hag, get the horses ready!" when there is no cart nor horses around on Black Powder
    • Fixed a inconsistency of the Russian translation of "Stormvermin" throughout the game
    • Fixed various VO that couldn't be heard
    • Black Powder: Fixied exploit with bridges and AI
    • Castle Drachenfels: Fixed an issue with the sky
    • Castle Drachenfels: Fixed a respawn issue at the Chalice Event
    • Castle Drachenfels: Fixed a missing roof at the escape event
    • The Dungeons: Improvement made for the end event that took a long time to complete
    • The Dungeons: Improvements made for ledge hanging
    • The Enemy Below: Fix for geometry holes
    • The Enemy Below: Fix to prevent players being knocked out of level boundaries
    • The Enemy Below: Umbra issue fixes
    • The Enemy Below: fix for AI pathing issues where bots could not reach tomes
    • The Enemy Below: Fixed a location where you could get stuck
    • Engines of War: Fixed a location where an invisible blocker would stop you from grabbing certain pickups
    • Engines of War: Fixed an audio related crash
    • Engines of War: Fixed a location where Rat Ogres could get stuck
    • Engines of War: Updated cellar door with functionality denying anyone from closing them while there is a character in the stairs to avoid the glitch with characters being both inside and outside
    • Engines of War: Fixed a location where players got stuck
    • Engines of War: Fixed some collision issues with forest rocks
    • The Fall: Fix to prevent Skaven spawning in the loot rooms
    • The Fall: Fixed bug that caused graphical issue with the water
    • Garden of Morr: Fix for players getting stuck on the end event spiral staircase
    • Garden of Morr: Geometry fixes to avoid players getting stuck in staircase
    • Garden of Morr: Umbra issue fixes
    • Garden of Morr: Collision fixes to avoid floating Skavens
    • Garden of Morr: Fixed bug causing players to get stuck in the beginning
    • Garden of Morr: Fixed an issue where Skaven were unable fall down the hole left by the Cauldron at the end event
    • Garden of Morr: Fixed an issue where players could respawn inside a wall
    • The Horn of Magnus: Fix for bots getting stuck in the tavern before the climb to the roof tops
    • The Horn of Magnus: Umbra issue fixes
    • The Horn of Magnus: AI-path fixes for bots
    • The Horn of Magnus: Fix for player spawns into unloaded part of level when hot-joining
    • The Horn of Magnus: Fixed some minor art issues
    • The Horn of Magnus: Fixed a location where Rat Ogres could get stuck in idle state
    • The Horn of Magnus: Added collision to the bar counter
    • Man the Ramparts: Overhaul of spawners and nav mesh
    • Red Moon Inn: Moved the Bounty Board away from the stairs
    • Smuggler's Run: Fixed a location where bots could fall through the world
    • Smuggler's Run: Fixed minor art issues
    • Smuggler's Run: Added ledges where there should be ledges
    • Smuggler's Run: Fixed an issue where you could see through the level
    • Summoner's Peak: Fix for Skavens getting stuck by portal or in mid-air
    • Summoner's Peak: Fixed bug preventing bots to rescue player from dying at a specific location
    • Summoner's Peak: Fix for cases where players found it difficult to climb a plank after the first generator
    • Supply and Demand: fix for AI pathing issues where bots could not reach tomes
    • Supply and Demand: Spawner and navmesh overhaul to avoid boss spawns under mesh
    • Waterfront: Fixed a location where you could get stuck in a warehouse
    • Waterfront: Fix for Rat ogre not able to hit player when standing on a torch
    • Waterfront: Fixed an issue where bots could get stuck in certain locations on
    • Waterfront: Fixed an issue where breakable objects would be highlighted if you hotjoin the level after the event
    • Well Watch: Fix for unreachable ammo box
    • Well Watch: Fixed health bar on well that wasn't visible for player hot-joining the map
    • Well Watch: Fixed an exploit area where players couldn't get hit by enemies
    • The White Rat: Fix to remove seeing quick glimpse of the players after the end cut-scene
    • The White Rat: Fixed an issue where a light beam looked pixelated
    • The White Rat: Removed an invisible blocker
    • The White Rat: Fixes for how the end event is triggered
    • The Wizard's Tower: Fixed some issues with the Loot Rat
    • The Wizard's Tower: Minor geometry fixes
    • The Wizard's Tower: Fixed minor hole in the roof
    • The Wizard's Tower: Fixed a bug that caused a graphical issue
    • Stagger rewrite. Staggers are now done the same way on host and client (used to always use mover on client)
      • Skaven whom have been shoved are now shoved the same way and distance for host and client
      • Skaven shoved in to a wall should no longer be able to walk through the wall after getting back up
      • Skaven shoved off a ledge or from height should now fall properly for clients as well as host
    • Changed the amount of players required to kick players down to 2 from 3
    • Now allowing player vote-kicks in private games
    • Fixed issue with players level not being assigned in the tab-menu
    • Fixed so grenades uses the same "give" functionality as potions/healing draughts use
    • Fixed it so now player doesn't keep crouch movement when hanging on ledge while crouching
    • Fixed skavens frozen in death animation
    • Bug fix for Critter Rat sliding when digging
    • Player will no longer become pizza if hitting the ground from fall while having lagspike
    • Fixed a bright flash that appeared when opening or closing menu while bleed indicator is visible on screen
    • Fixed bug causing VoIP to crash [img][/img]
    • Fixed so that overcharge buffs are removed when the weapon is destroyed
    • Fixed settings menu so that players no longer need to click "Apply Changes" if no new values were set
    • Fixed a graphical issue that caused the representation of contracts to be reset upon revive
    • Fixed graphical issue with Bright Wizard's hats occurring after equipping a specific hat
    • Fix to avoid OP glaive/true-flight overkill values
    • Fixed a shadow issue
    • Fixed so grenade ammo is removed when it is thrown instead of it being delayed until the end of the action
    • Fixed an issue affecting shadows
    • Fixed reload exploits
    • Witch Hunter: Removed the misleading fencing sword and brace of pistols clip counters, we now only show remaining ammo
    • Fix to prevent walk animation to play while interacting with objects
    • Fixed issue with clients not being able to connect to host via matchmaking on PC. - Cleaned up how we are handling post game notifications to connecting clients
    • Fixed an issue with mouse scroll going in the wrong direction when switching weapon
    • Fixed an error with contract progress
    • Fix for Volley Crossbow bolt swaying around when spectating
    • Fix for Red seal on Quests in blocking the "completed" text
    • Fix for when displace you from under the Gutter Runner is you get shoved by a stormvermin or otherwise moved
    • Fix for enemies spawning in players face (we fixed the cases where it was possible, but there is still some instances where it can happen due to our inability to restrict player movement after spawn trigger)
    • Fixed an art issue with chests
    • Made a number of staircases easier to walk up. "Stairs going up, beautiful!"
    • Fixed an issue where loot dice would spawn incorrectly when opening chests
    • Fixed an issue where certain weapons could fall through the ground
    • Tweaked distance fading on blood decals to reduce flickering
    • Fixed an issue with network syncing of AoE weapons
    • Fixed a number of issues with ragdolls
    • Fixed strange spine twist angle in ragdolls
    • Fixed an issue where Heroes would babble at the same time during Hero Selection
    • Fixed an issue where some users would experience huge delays interacting with the Bounty Board
    • Fixed a rare issue where some players experienced issues if they started a game after interacting with the Bounty Board
    • Fixed a bug where the Defiant Achievement was not functioning properly
    • Fixed Double Tap Dodge
    • Fixed missplaced Label on Healing Draught
    • Fixed a bug where a specific sound would play repeatedly whilst holding a Flaming Sword if carrying a Grimoire
    • Fixed a glitch where players were able to kick the host from their game
    • You can now die from fall damage in all difficulties. Previously only Cataclysm
    • Fixed cases where interaction prompmts did not disappear when object was being interacted with
    • Fixed ammo validation for a range of weapons
    • Fixed bug preventing doors to be opened properly
    • Fixed a bug with translation of draught. Fixed bugs related to French translation
    • Fixed bug on alternative fire on Brace of Pistols
    • Added localized strings for healing draught
    • Fixed position of subtitles so that they no longer overlap portraits
    • Fixed bug that at times prevented players from hitting ragdolled enemies with cone type weapons
    • Fixed bug that caused hits by cone type weapons to be consumed by dead skaven
    • Fixed bug that Lobby Browser hotkey still worked while already being in a game session as a client
    • Fix to enable switching weapon if crossbow is empty and holding right click
    • Fix forever spinning icons in the inn
    • Fixed bug that made it look like player was knocked down when in reality was dead
    • Fix for a crash occuring when re-binding keys
    • Interact prompt does not disappear despite someone else interacting with an object
    • Fixed issues where Stormvermin would slide if attacked or pushed directly after a climb
    • Fixed bug that prevented the crouch option in gameplay settings to be set to "Off" once it had been set to "On"
    • Fixed bug that caused 1 frame of text flashing when picking up a pickup with trinket?
    • Added a message when looking at the quest board when it's unlocked
    • Fixed bug with the crossbow equipped that prevented weapon switch
    • Fixed a bug that could cause crash with sweep attacks
    • Fixed an issue where big lag spikes would sometimes kill players
    • Fixed a bug where certain settings would get applied even though "discard changes" was chosen
    • Fixed issue with unit frames not aligning correctly when a client leaves the game
    • Fixed bug that caused characters to say what pickups were in chests before they were opened
    • Fixed a crash related to traits which grant Stamina
    • Fixed crash with overcharge weapons when switching game states
    • Fixed a crash which could occur when opening the Bounty Board
    • Fixed a crash in the camera system
    • Fixed a crash related to enemy navigation
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when player trying to respond to an invite while someone else is joining the first player
    • Fixed crash bug that occurred when hitting loot rat with 2h sword
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when one client kicked another client
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when interacting with a player whom disconnected.
    • Fixed a crash for host caused by client picking up speed potion
    • Fixed occasional crash when equipping Bright Wizard’s Candlelight Guard mask
    • Fixed possible crash when client changed hero and pressed F2 in the same time as the host started the level
    • Fixed crash bug caused by Charged Fireball
    • Fixed crash bug that occurred when joining friend through the Steam overlay
    • Fixed crash issue that caused players that are trying to join a game and the gets a popup during loading that resulted in returning to inn
    • Fixed crash when a player is trying to join a level and gets denied
    • Fixed crash that occurred for clients if host left the game when in "next level voting screen" or left the Inn
    • Fixed crash occurring when hot-joining a game
    • Fixed crash occurring when grabbed by Packmaster
    • Fixed crash occurring in loading screen when joining lobby
    • Fixed crash when skipping intro video
    • Fix for possible crash when handing in boon rewards
    • Fixed crash in dice game
    • Fixed level completion crash
    • Fix for crash when a Gutter Runner flew past the player
    • Fix for UI crash
  • License not recognized! ALL DIGITAL PURCHASERS PLEASE READ!

    Apologies, I've been away for a few days, and this happens :| The team here jumped on the case as soon as the reports came in however and the issue was promptly resolved by the Microsoft team. :)

    Sorry for the trouble caused.
  • FREE LOOT: Winter Wonderloot - Day 1

    We are working fiercely today to get this enabled for console as well - the process is far from simple but we are doing all we can.