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  • Some silly moments and ways to improve them

    Without long introductions - certain moments in the game, which I for one consider rather silly. And, respectively, ways to fix them.

    1. Witch Hunter's rapier is for some strange reason paired with a purely decorative, non-shooting pistol, which is seen only while blocking. Why pistol? There is a better combination - rapier and dagger (maine gauche).

    It's like this

    or this

    or, maybe, this

    It would look way more logical. Plus - exactly the dagger / maine gauche could be the weapon for charged armor-piercing attack (as it was IFRL).

    2. Charged attacks for all "weapon + shield" combinations. Sorry, but mere shield bash as a charged, armor-piercing attack? Am I the only one, for whom it looks fairly stupid?
    My suggestions here would be as follows:

    - ES's sword and shield - shield bash remains, but - as a stunlock or staggering the enemy before actual attack: a thrust done with sword (pretty much like WH does with his rapier);

    - ES's mace and shield - shield bash as a stunlock or staggering plus an overhead strike with longer and slower swing-up, than one for normal attacks;

    - DR's hammer and shield - pretty much like ES's mace and shield;

    - DR's axe and shield - shield bash as a stunlock or staggering strike, accompanied with overhead strike, pretty similar to one of the one-handed axe without shield;

    IMO it would add some more immersion to the game.
  • Community Opinion

    Voted for new characters - mostly for Kislev ones, but - Warrior Priest and Questing Knight (or Knight Errant, or Grail Knight, or Knight Of The Realm) would be good as well.