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  • Patch Live


    We've just deployed a patch aimed at fixing some of the common issues.

    - Added Music Volume slider
    - No longer possible to pick up potions unless dropping any held Grimoires first
    - Fix for bots not using healing draughts in combat
    - Fixed achievement "Balthasar Gelt"
    - Various localization bugfixes
    - Fixed issue causing level complete to not trigger
    - Fixed various startup crashes
    - Fixed a crash in particle system
    - Fixed a crash in animation constraint system
    - Fixed a crash in I/O system
    - Fixed a crash in Audio System
    - Potential fix for startup crashes
  • Server Maintenance - 14:00 Utc

    The servers will be taken down for a short maintenance period at 14:00. You will be unable to log in during this time. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes
  • Never do microtransactions please

    We have no plans for microtransactions in Vermintide. We're going to be supporting the game post-launch with paid and free DLC.
  • Closed Beta 3 the 14th of October

    Should be able to. In the beta once, you're in the all. Except the 1 week pre-order if you didn't buy it.

    I haven't pre-purchased it, no, but I am considering it. If they manage to optimize their game enough I most definitely will, otherwise I will wait til release probably.

    Yes you will :)


    if you think a small company of 50 emoployees will fix and optimize the game within a week, then you are living in a bubble.
    Even multi billion companies need weeks if not months to optimize slowly the preformance of their games.

    It all depends on how much resources you put on optimizing. A company of 2000 will optimize the same amount as a company of 2 if they both spend 40 man hours per week on optimization. We're currently working on optimization and will most likely continue post-launch to make sure that the most amount of people possible can get the best performance.
  • APRIL FOOLS: Introducing Hammertime, a new game mode!

    Introducing Hammertime, a brand new game mode for Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide!
  • Are Skaven going to be the only enemy type in the entire game?

    We want to continue to support this game for a long time, so we have many ideas for what kind of free updates and dlc we could do in the future!
  • 8,8gb update now?

    We will extend the beta by 6 hours (until October 7, 22:00 GMT/UTC)
    Please note that there will be another Beta Event held during next week. More details on that will be announced as we have them
  • custom maps

    Mod support is something we'd love to add to the game post-launch.
  • new playable character discussion!

    Lengthy and interesting post! As someone who has no impact on development, I would love to see a skink priest in the game :D The Warhammer world is vast and fairly unique, so there is much to take from
  • Any help desk support answering my ticket ?

    Usually Hedge oversees the helpdesk, but he is on a much deserved vacation currently. I'll look at getting someone to check out the helpdesk tomorrow when we're in the office again