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  • J250
    hello,I have a problem with the dedicated server Lead and gold
    July 2016
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    You should try bring humans back to life now that you have brought this discussion back from the dead.
    May 2016
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    October 2015
  • Desperaato
    hey man the problem persists even on the newest patch of the game if you have time at all can you check this out?
    game has been also re-installed from scratch.
    October 2015
  • AgentDerf

    I'm a L4D player, and we play with the same team of friend. Pb I'm the only one to have access to the beta. So playing with pick-up it's not's the same than your habitual team.
    So is there is anyway to have some more beta-key-access? We want to try altogether tomorrow evening before wondering if yes or not we buy the game alltogether.

    There is anyway to have just 3 more keys?


    October 2015
    Hi Blondie,
    we run a YouTube Chanel and would like do Warhammer Vermintide Let's Plays. How we can get a permission to do Let's Plays Videos with monetization as YouTube Partner from your side?
    best regards,
    October 2015
  • warshadow412
    sorry for bothering you guys but i would like to ask if the beta is going how can i play it , when i already bought the game on steam kinda was love at first sight too xD but i don't see anything on the steam about steam ppl joining the beta :$
    October 2015
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    Thanks for posting on first day with us. Have some cake!
    October 2015
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    Has it been a year already?
    October 2015
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    I am tired just looking at all the stuff you are doing!
    October 2015
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    Your posts are what good forums are made of!
    October 2015
  • ORYG1N
    Hello, I run the youtube channel with around 30,000 subscribers and was curious if I could gain access to the next beta? I would like to record and make some videos to help promote the game if possible. I will post a link to the steam buy page in any videos I make as well. Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks.
    October 2015
  • Noromiz
    Sorry to bother you, but I have a question regarding the use of html / css in the forum posts, and thanks for letting me use html (it seems like you had to "upgrade" my account to do so?) 👍

    QUESTION: Can I use Internal Styling (Internal CCS) or do I have to use Inline Styling (Inline CCS)?

    By the way, we could really use a PM function, and I hope my emoticon works
    Best Regards
    October 2015
  • Abysmall
    Hey, I recently obtained a key for the upcoming Beta event on Oct 5th and It's for the Razer redemption but it seems like it doesn't work anymore, I still have the key. 
    October 2015
  • Kasquit
    This like?
    In game will be mutated Skaven? :D
    September 2015
  • Murmur
    Cheers Blondie. No idea how to PM, so here goes. May I please get my role changed to Beta Tester? Thanks in advance.
    September 2015
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    September 2015
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    You keep posting great content. Nice!
    September 2015
  • Griff855
    Do you know when the beta will be?
    September 2015
  • Wonderboy2402
    I have beta access but the beta invite email with the link to the closed beta forums showed permission denied? I have the game downloaded and ready to go for tommorrows beta.
    September 2015
  • doctorsimon4
    Hey blondie,

    I signed up for the beta and got in. I was prompted to sign up here for the "special" section but did not get the Beta status in order to view it. Would you mind hooking me up with it?

    August 2015
    • Rednicks
      Same here Doc. I signed up as well and was able to access the private beta forum UNTIL I confirmed my email address (which is the same as they sent the beta key to).
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    Thanks for driving discussions!
    August 2015
  • Furbutt_requin
    Hey Blondie , just wanted to tell you about those 3 new thread on the "general discussion"
    Those one :
    I suspect them to be written by the same guy , and also it's not related to Warhammer 
    I think it's just a bot or a guy spamming ... i don't know , you should look yourself
    August 2015
  • scutummagister
    Sorry to bother you but I'm hoping you could assist me, I found some typos on the Vermintide character pages and wasn't sure if there was a spot to report those or not. Thanks in advance.
    July 2015
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    You have received 5 LOLs. Not a bad start!
    July 2015
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    Today is the anniversary of the first human moon-walk. Celebrate!
    July 2015
  • LiVam
    May 2015
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    April 2015
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    April 2015
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    March 2015