Fails to launch on start-up (black screen)

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Hi, I'm having an error where on launch  the game goes in, and I see the black-screen. However after this point it just disappears and it is no longer listed in the windows task manager. I've tried verifying the files and it seams to re-download the same file (same size) after each verification. I'm running windows 10 but it has not caused any other gaming errors such as this before, so I don't think its that. I've also tried running the app as an administrator, this hasn't made a difference. Any help would be much appreciated. 


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    We have not tried playing Lead and Gold on Windows 10, so we don't know what issues might arise on that platform. The game is built using a version of the diesel engine which is now considered old. That's why you might not experience issues with some games, but you will with others.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Its just that I do not think its OS related as a peer of mine, on the steam forum, has the perfect reiteration of my problem, and he's running Windows 10. As it is definitely likely (that its the OS) I haven't ruled anything out.
    Any other ideas though?
    Many thanks, Blondie.
    RootBeerGuy :')  
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