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Credit to R3M from the old forums for this guide!

This tutorial shows how to set up a dedicated LaG windows server "Step by Step".

Setting up a dedicated LaG is pretty simple compared to other types of dedicated servers. Maybe some people will say a howto is not necessary, but they forget we all were newbies once and happy about a helping hand.

* A dedicated box with a decent dual or quad core cpu running windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
* A public internet IP address, firewall ports 27016, 27017, 8766, 8767 must be unoccupied on ALL interfaces/ips (binding to specific IP does currently NOT work, and binding to all interfaces will fail if these ports are being used anywhere)

And here we go...
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    Step 1:
    Download the dedicated server files, save and unpack it to your desktop.
    Latest PhysX installer: http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx_system_software.html

    Copy and paste the content to an easy to remember Directory like C:\LaG

    Step 2:
    Go to the "install" folder and runt the PhysX_8.05.26_SystemSoftware.exe first, or the one you've downloaded from the Nvidia website, which I recommend since its the latest.

    Step 3:
    Edit the server_config.xml to your needs with notepad eg. hostname, game specific cvars etc

    Step 4:
    Edit start.bat with notepad and copy this lines to it:

    @echo off
    echo Protecting lagds from crashes...
    title LaG DS Watchdog
    echo (%time%) lagds started.
    start /affinity 1 /wait LAG_win32_public_dedicated_server.exe -dedicated_server -conf server_config.xml
    echo (%time%) WARNING: lagds closed or crashed, restarting.
    goto lagds

    Quick explanation, this script will auto restarting your server when it crash, which will happen frequently since the server is still in beta status and a true resource hog.

    The /affinity 1 switch will bound the server process to the CPU core 1, this will be handy when you hosting other game servers on the same box as well and separate them, otherwise it could crash and lag those too.
    Dual core CPU:
    Core 0 = 1
    Core 1 = 2

    Quad core CPU:

    Core 0 = 1
    Core 1 = 2
    Core 2 = 4
    Core 3 = 8

    So when you like to run it on core 4 your need to set /affinity 8

    Now double click start.bat and you should see your server coming up

    Thats it.
    GL & HF! :P
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    not fount dedicated server. version game 2.0
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