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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

StekkepierStekkepier 175 PointsMember, Level4, Beta Tester

I dont know what it is for sure.. butt it has something to do with Warhammer :P -->>

image -->> The site is a Dead end !! maybe they cancelled it before they even get started !?



  • CrimsonCrimson 174 PointsMember, Level3, Beta Tester
    It was present at Gamescom, so it is highly unlikely that they cancelled it. It's just published by Focus Home Interactive, which are known to have the worst PR division in the industry. Basically if a game gets published by them, expect not to see or hear anything until its released.
  • Maverick84Maverick84 69 PointsMember, Level3, Beta Tester
    the game looks sweet
  • StekkepierStekkepier 175 PointsMember, Level4, Beta Tester
    edited September 2015
    Video footage :D

  • Maverick84Maverick84 69 PointsMember, Level3, Beta Tester
    New gameplay trailer put up by dev on YouTube and Facebook

  • SejSej 58 PointsMember, Level2
    Just some background info if any of you are interested

    So Battle Gothic is set during the 12th Black Crusade otherwise known as 'The Gothic War' in which Abaddon the Despoiler launched a vast military campaign against the Imperium after the capture of the six 'Blackstone Fortresses'.

    The Blackstone Fortress were the product of the Eldar smith god Vaul, who created them in order to fight the C'tan (Nightbringer, The Deciever, the Void Dragon, etc). However given that the Eldar got smashed, the Fortresses were left adrift n the Gothic Sector.

    This is when the Imperium comes in. They find these big-ass fortress in the sector and are like "Shiny, thats ours now", and so they take them and turn them into naval bastions for Battlefleet Gothic (The Fleet in charge of keeping the sector secure). So the Imperium now has some cool new toys but unfortunately they cant use most of the armaments within because they never owned it in the first place.
    Now everything is cool until Abaddon hears something is really shiny but isn't his, so he is all "Screw them, thats mine", grabs some artifacts that allow him to take control and nabs three of them, starting whats know as the 12th Black Crusade in which thousands of ships and trillions of soldiers fight it out for shits and giggles.

    From then on he causes some trouble till the Imperium and the Eldar team up and chase him, taking one fortress back, but not before he causes that one and the three still in Imperial hands to self-destruct (what a bastard).

    He is of course later defeated, but thats something else entirely

    Now this is the setting for Battlefleet Gothic, there is however more lore on it then I could ever talk about in a forum post but I just mentioned the interesting stuff and abbreviated. If I made any mistakes feel free to correct me, sometimes there is so much you miss important things.

    tl;dr Eldar god makes forts to fight Ct'an but get rekt anyway, Imperium takes them after they are abandoned, Abaddon decides that they are his anyway, launches 12th Black Crusade to burn some fools, gets rekt by Imperium later on, goes and hides in the Eye of Terror again.


    Burn it to the Ground! Raise a Clamour of War and a Pyre of the Dead so that the Gods might notice us!

    Just kidding, you're all heretics.
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