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What should be next for vermintide

Niv3sNiv3s 22 PointsMember, Level1
I've been playing VT ever since it came out and i think i have a better understanding of game mechanics and situations than most players,
The best part about the game is the randomness of most encounters, the fact you could get all the way to the end of a map and die while running to the wagon if you're not careful, start the map again and die at the start for the same reason!

I've read a few people's other suggestions and most of the issues they're complaining about i couldn't disagree with:

1, Stop rats and SV pats spawning on top of you (need a LOS blocker on the rats spawn). I don't care if they spawn behind me, i just don't want to see rats teleport in unless it comes with a ZZZZZZAPPP and some green lightening. This could also be fixed just by adding some zapping noises into rats that spawn in the open on maps, you could chalk it up to being skitterleap'd into combat, not ultimately fixing the problem, but it's a good way of using Skaven magic to explain bad spawning.

2, weapon swap slow. This issue i've noticed happens more often just after you start the reload animation, this can be really annoying using the shotgun, as the right click is the shotgun butt, so as you try and swap to your melee and block, you inevitably just butt them with the shotgun which results in your dead, i've also seen this occur if you try to swap weapons just as you've been stabbed; you take a little slow debuff which is normally enough time for multiple other rats to stab you. I don't really see a problem with the being stabbed slow debuff, only as it makes sense that trying to switch between melee and ranged weapons would be must harder while being stabbed, the only thing is the switch weapon button needs to work as you press it even if started the reload action, or the shotgun butt.

3, Some people complain about little parts of the map that you can get stuck on, i don't see this as an overall problem, as it would be easy as shit to fall over if you spend your time dashing backwards again and again, so i'm happy that i only get stuck on a lose piece of rubble and the such, maybe instead of getting stuck if you dash'ed over the rubble it would just reduce your dash speed considerably but you could still move over it (some kind of difficult terrain).

4, obviously the fireball staff needs some kind of nerf. The Fireball staff is quite strong, the only fix i think is necessary however is simply removing the travel through that the fireball does, it hits enough enemies. It does enough dmg to make it better than any other weapon in the game (at the moment), but the travel through is what makes it game breaking, as not only can you aoe the mobs funnelling into the room, but also the ones funnelling through the doorway.

5, more enemies/more characters...etc.
Skaven Enemies: There are so many rats to choose from, what we need is either Warplock Jezzails, plague censor bearer, plague monk... any of these specials could add an entirely new element to the overall awesome arsenal of the rats, pinning players down, or forcing players to dispearse as the censor bearer starts swinging, plague monks could be placed randomly through the level (similar to clanrats but they attack faster), or they could be similar to SV pats but they would be a little tougher than normal clanrats, but again, attack marginally faster.

Other Enemies: A single Chaos warrior would do great in some of the area's of the map where the skaven are few, even literally shoving him into the spots where there are tones of dead skaven already would make some maps seem vastly different. A single spot where a chaos warrior could spawn, and only happening 10% of games so you have something to look forward to other than "oh, another rat ogre".
Obviously it feels as if you want to put a vampire into the game, but as of yet a vampire would seem too op, if a rat ogre has 2k hp, a vampire would have to have 3k, and attack 1.5X the speed of a rat ogre, same dmg, maybe he could block if you try and attack him from front on, making 1v1 vampire extremely difficult.

Characters: An ogre character would make soooo much sense, he would hit like a truck, but his hit box would be bigger than the other characters making it harder for him to slip through parts of the map, and allowing rats to hit him from further away.

Balance changes to the currant game:
The 2h axe for dwaf (charged attack dmg increased),
1h axe for both saltz and dwaf attack chain needs to change (if the light attack were consecutive headshots and the charged was a aoe that would be fine),
the 2h hammer needs increased dmg on overhead attack (why hitting an clanrat in the face with a 2h dmg does less dmg than hitting them in the face with a 1h hammer is beyond me).
Glaive needs one extra stam (it used to be good, it's not anymore).
2 swords needs a slight increase to attack speed, (tiiiiny tiny bit).
Obviously fix exploits on Karak.

All in all, my favourite game to play, just can't wait for more content!


  • JaffawerJaffawer 32 PointsMember, Level2
    To the second point- I sometimes have the same issue with bows, where instead of swaping to melee and blocking I keep drawing back the bow. There's always some point in the animation, in which the weapon-swap does not register, and I'm having a hard time recreating it in order to indentify and avoid it.
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