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Trinket icons (equipped)

JaffawerJaffawer 32 PointsMember, Level2
So, I think it would be pretty useful to have some symbols/icons (for example next to the character avatar), showing which trinkets the player/s currently use. Mainly for heal share/pot share/luck trinkets. It would be much easier for the players to just look at the UI and determine if they should keep the potion, or give it to someone who has the pot share trinket. Same goes for the luck trinket and opening chests. Of course you can type it into the chat, but it gets really annoying if you have to it 3 times during one mission, because people keep leaving and joining the game and you not always have the time to do so.

So what do you guys think?


  • Jakal_of_Kazak_VlagJakal_of_Kazak_Vlag 158 PointsMember, Level4
    won't do any good and the UI doesn't need to be cluttered. people take items because THEY want them, they're just gonna assume they'll put them to better use than you.

    all adding trinkets to the UI is gonna do is show how commonplace healshare trinkets are.
  • JaffawerJaffawer 32 PointsMember, Level2
    edited February 2017
    the UI wouldn't be cluttered. Adding 3 small icons into the character avatar will change nothing. I don't know why do you think that people take items because they want them. Every time I say that I have a pot share, they simply give the pot to me without any problem. The issue is that you have to spend the time to type it. Time that could be used in a more productive way.
    I also dont see the problem in showing how common healshare is. Who cares really?
  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4
    In the least all trinkets are visually shown on characters.
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  • JaffawerJaffawer 32 PointsMember, Level2
    Quanrian said:

    In the least all trinkets are visually shown on characters.

    They are, but who on earth will have the time to run around players, tryting to spot their trinkets as they are hectically moving around, fightning rats. That's just nonsense.
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