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Having server connection issues

SpikeSpike 12 PointsMember, Level1
I can get into the game just fine, but when i finish a game, i will get a "Cannot connect to game servers" Right before the die roll for loot and then it will force me to quite game, since that is the only button option i get, i even tried this playing a private match myself and same results.

- Ive checked to see if its steam as ive tested my connection to steam via a download and looking through the store, community etc.
- Ive tried the IP config fix i saw fixed it for other people online
- I tried running it as admin but got a bug complaining about launch parameters etc.
- ive tried both wireless and wired connections
- ive made vermintide an exception to my antivirus so my antivirus doesnt block any connections
- vermintide is already allowed both incoming and outgoing connections through my firewall.


  • GromgromGromgrom 22 PointsUnconfirmed, Level1
    edited February 11
    I have been having this exact same issue and have gone through the same steps to fix it with no success!

    The only thing I would add is that when I launch the game (which I can do successfully with no issues) I can always tell if I will get DCed by checking the bounty board by pressing "U" . If it sits there and loads the board for a bit I will inevitably get the "Server Error" message. I click the "ok" option and it tries to load me back into the game but eventually gives me a different "Server Error" and only gives me the option to quite the game.

    the reason I mention that is because if I launch Vermintide and just try to join a preexisting game it will work perfectly fine till I get to the score screen at which point it DCs me.

    It;s just so vexing to finish a tough match with all the grims and tomes only to get disconnected and not get any credit :( Any help would be appreciated! I just wanna kill rats and get loot!

    Another note... This started on the 10th for me as well. Up till then everything was fine.
  • studmuffin223studmuffin223 12 PointsUnconfirmed, Level1
    My friends and I (different towns, over Steam) are getting intermittent server errors in the Inn, at the start of games, and at the end of games. This has been happening for two and a half days now. The errors are persisting through file validations, different hosts, and numerous restarts. Pretty annoying, tbh, especially when we can't even start single player games due to server errors.
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