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Make it Incredible!

BabaorumBabaorum 12 PointsMember
Pardon my English if I do any mistakes, I am french.
I have now played quite a lot with some friends and had some of the best moments I had in a game so far!
Thank you so much for taking my head off overwatch ranked and other pvp games i could not bear anymore at the moment.
The game is great and beautiful!
Here are my suggestions on what I think could take the game to a new level of greatness.

- "boss fight" maps : ogres are nice but I want more, I know it's hard with the warhammer lore you cant do wathever you want but hey, some boss fights with a huge unique rat would be so much fun.

-procedural maybe? : I m pretty sure you've already though about this but I don't know, it would add even more replay value with some sort of procedural levels that could be added to a map like the dungeons in the first dlc.

-"HAVE A DRINK" : this is nothing but each time I am in the tavern with my friends planning our next mission I always think it would be fun to be able to drink a pinte with them!

-A little bit of pvp? : nothing fancy maybe a very small arena to take on a little fight with some friends.

-And cosmetics : Maybe on the long run having different heroes for each class could be nice, for now i think that 5 classes is great but come on the witch is so ugly haha!

There you go, these are my suggestions, I hope it helps and maybe we can see some of these in the future dlc's (but really do the boss fights and the drinking)!
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