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Devastating Blow Inconsistent Functionality Between Host and Non-Host Players

LTCpandersLTCpanders 22 PointsMember, Level2

"it seems that devastating blows upgrading the stagger only works for hosts. It does not seem to work for the three other players. Thanks to Retrikaethan for helping me test this."

Devastating Blow not only changes the behavior of your push but also the stagger effect on your attacks for your weapons. The reddit post above provides a detailed explanation of how Devastating Blow affects different weapons for their attacks.

Apparently, right now only players hosting the game have the upgraded stagger effect of Devastating Blow on their attacks. Players who are not the host do not have the upgraded stagger effect of Devastating Blow on their attacks.

I hope this gets fixed.


  • N_AN_A 28 PointsMember, Level2
    edited February 14
    hmm. i want to say that this is wrong, at least for push, but i haven't actually tested it. i have devastating blow on my 2h hammer and some of my shields and both pushes send normals and interrupt at least one storm vermin overhand. again, haven't tested those with against those without though.

    this is while not hosting, btw.
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