Character DLC?

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With the dynamic of the characters having sort of prejudice against the other I'd like to suggest a playable Skaven. Lines ranging from mistrust to outright hate (with one or two of the characters with retorts to calm the particularly rude characters towards the Skaven. *Kruber seems the friendly sort that might not completely hate a rebel skaven maybe Bardin since his comments don't seem overly hostile against the race itself.*

For the appearance having him be a rebel white rat would give him a distinct appearance among the other Skaven for player distinguishing reasons and it'd be a bit more believable that he could hold his own against ordinary rats along with the others if he was special in some way shape or form.

1. Weeping Blades (Assassin Weapon *Mordheim calls them weeping blades at least) - Poison DoT version of the Way Watcher's Dual Swords. Speed, AoE, DPS, lower impact damage resulting in harder mob kills, but higher DPS than Dual Swords if poison is allowed to work similar DPS to Sword and Dagger. ***
2. Halberd - Instead of a crowd control weapon with some damage a fairly quick longer reach 2 hit combo followed by a longer range thrust that has good reach, but no AoE. Charge Attack like the Way Watcher's Dagger's Charged Attack with slower speed, but longer reach. Reach centric mob killer, viable special clear, but focused and slower end. **
3. Torch/Cudgel - Standard one-handed style attacks, medium damage, medium knockback, medium number of targets on normal combo, focus higher damage Charged Attacks possible burn with some knockback. Mace-like, but faster and more damage focused than knock-back. ***
4. Claws - Way Watcher Daggers maybe a little slower in exchange for hitting 2 targets, but keeping the short reach unlike the the increased reach you get with Dual Swords or the reach while maintaining speed that the Sword + Dagger gains. DPS, low reach, special kill. Special lunge attack for slightly higher single target damage and higher knock back (enough to stagger Storm Vermin so it can be used against a Storm Vermin one on one, but has a delay afterwards so using it in any sort of a group leaves you vulnerable) **

1. Ratling Gun - Like the Repeater Pistol, but shorter potential range. Forced to use rapid shot all the time with a large ammo pool and short start-up before firing. Aiming increases accuracy and reduces recoil, but costing movement speed and maintaining the start-up time. Support Mob Killing.
2. Poison Wind Globes - Grenade style lobbed projectile making it unique with impact damage and lingering AoE gas cloud that can deal Friendly Fire like bombs on harder difficulty. Limited ammo and no lasting damage after they exit the cloud can self damage *Clearly weaker with a smaller AoE, but behavior similar to Incendiary Grenades*. Stationary Target DPS or spread mob damage.
3. Sling Shot - Speedy attacks and high ammo like the Shortbow, but with a heavier arc to the shot and Armor Piercing on both hip-fire and aimed. Mid-range Special Kill, viable mob clear.
4. Warplock Pistols - Poison version of Brace of Pistols, no AoE, but added DoT, lower damage and ammo pool to make up for the higher potential DPS over time if the poison is allowed to work. Rat Ogre.


  • Halvars90Halvars90 56 PointsMember, Level3
    Rebel Skaven, seriously? Of all they could possible add to the game... This ain't going to happen.
  • Jakal_of_Kazak_VlagJakal_of_Kazak_Vlag 158 PointsMember, Level4
    Halvars90 said:

    Rebel Skaven, seriously? Of all they could possible add to the game... This ain't going to happen.

    eh. while most of OP's ideas are lacking in merit, and the skaven don't rebel as such there is the outside chance another faction in the skaven will want rasknitt to fail and will try aiding the heroes. i mean there's no way they'd TRUST them, but.....
  • RarhardRarhard 12 PointsMember, Level1
    this would be cool. nothing groundbreaking I don't think but I think it could work well here. neat ideas.
  • JaffawerJaffawer 32 PointsMember, Level2
    Rather than a stinking rat I would love to see a Rune priest or an Archmage in my party.
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