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ArdarielArdariel 12 PointsMember, Level1
Hello there.

Can you plz add a blacklist feature? kick is not enough. There is several players in a game that make it crash when they join, exactly (Румата Эсторский) (Марк Крубер) (Дуратский Кот). I really enjoy to play with random ppl, finding new friends or even parties to play with, but sometimes i just forced to set private lobbies, cause this tards just keep joining and crash my game. Only solution i found is to dl russian version of game, which is not a good option for me, whilst blacklist could solve this problem.

Also, several times i encountered group of trolls that join 1/4 game just to troll it and make host piss off, which forced me to install mod that allows me to kick players without vote (and, also, to see a ping, shich could be awesome possibility in vanilla game too)

Thx for your attention, and carry on with this wonderful game


  • ArdarielArdariel 12 PointsMember, Level1
    in addition, once i joined random game which (Марк Крубер) hosts, and encountered this type of bug.

    first i recieved "full lobby" notification, so i moved to forge to melt some items and started to found new game. and, suddenly, i start recieving messages from game i tried to join. While sitting in inn. They said that i prevented em to restart game after they got wiped out, but i could join new game easily.
  • JaffawerJaffawer 32 PointsMember, Level2
    Ye, I think some kind of a block featrue would be great. +1
  • Jakal_of_Kazak_VlagJakal_of_Kazak_Vlag 158 PointsMember, Level4
    block them on steam. seriously, that's why they run it through steam.
  • JaffawerJaffawer 32 PointsMember, Level2
    I doubt that blocking 'all communication' through steam client will prevent them from joining your game or vice versa.
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