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Rugburn09Rugburn09 22 PointsMember, Level1
Is there a way to invite friends to a game?


  • Jakal_of_Kazak_VlagJakal_of_Kazak_Vlag 158 PointsMember, Level4
    yeah, through steam. alt+tab, then pick the firend on you list and send 'em an invite. a lot of the matchmaking takes advantage of steam, which is why it all shuts down once a week when steam goes town for maintenance. and why people can join your games even if you set 'em to private.

    i dunno about consoles though. i only buy nintendo consoles anymore, there's no value in anything else if you have a decent PC to game on.
  • Rugburn09Rugburn09 22 PointsMember, Level1
    any reason my awards keep resetting?
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