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Dear Fatshark-team,

This game is realy great, like a dream i had as a kid is coming true. After playing this game for several month, I prefered the whichunter and his rapier the most, but this only cause it got a special atack (every character got great individual characteristics).
The thing is, the special pistol shot gives aditional posibillities, like shoting a skaven that just dropped behind the bag of an fellow player without the time loss of the weaponswitch, so you actualy can kill it before it hits.
Also with this 3rd atack move, next to the standard and charged atack, the fun to play is increased by 50% or to say it on the other way, you got 33% more ways to kill an enemy.

Now, after i have played the other characters too, I started thinking about what cud be done to give the special-atack-button more use than trigger the WH's pistol, so here I will share my thoughts.

Sword dagger combo : throw the offhand-dagger, which will return after hit. The atack set turn's into the onehandet sword set while the dagger is in air. ( this gives the same option like the rapier)

Magestaffs: Pushback ( to get time to switch to the mele weapon to block)

Wizard Mace: Blast Strike, a flame charged strike which hits multiple enemies infront (like the item discription says, the wizard can charge the mace)

Crossbow: Melee stab ( cause the weapon skinn screams for it)

Handgun: Same as the crossbow ( it needs a bayonet for this)

Shield Sets : Shield Bash (the actual charge atack of the shield set, so the player can still use the charge atack of the main weapon)

Greatsword : Impeal ( to hit enemies in a line infront with overrange)

i hope this helps you to keep the players entertained, cause the levels wont change but every run shud still be unique, depending on the different players with different sets. (thats what i think you are aiming for). I am far away from telling you what to do, this just keeps runing in my mind while i play and i had to get it off. Hopefully its readable,

sincerely Friedhofmann


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    and every one handed weapon for witch-hunter, soldier and dwarf should have a pistol/small shotgun as a special attack
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