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Crash on hitting a rat ogre with a fireball on the same tick that it spawns.

ketsuzokuketsuzoku 12 PointsMember, Level1
I was playing Summoner's Peak, chucking fireballs into the second portal with Sienna when the rat ogre spawned. The ogre appeared, played the roar sound, fireball exploded and the game hard locked before crashing with this error.

GUID: 4e4f0909-c3ef-485d-ad87-223dc2ed48e0
Log File: C:\Users\Arran\AppData\Local\Temp\
Info Type: Vermintide/LL/CL/CD
[Script Error]: scripts/unit_extensions/human/ai_player_unit/perception_utils.lua:882: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'target_unit_found_time' (a nil value)
[Crash Link]:
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