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I'm new to Vermintide and love the game I wanted to play as the BW because no one else seemed to although atfirstI figured she would've quite OP (having "unlimited ammo"). I soon realized her weapons have very little effect. I then searched up a good build for the BW and seen it had been nerfed by a lot. I do have to agree with the haters that now the BW seems to be weak compared to the other characters. I understand she is meant as a DAM/TIME CC player but I think she should have a bit more damage to her fire I think players would like if she does more impact damage and had slightly more dps on enemies she lit on fire. Waiting the 2-3 seconds for the vermin to burn (really ineffective when a 2 handed sword can easily be just as good with the packs) usually is to long esspically in packs where she is most important. I understand fatshark has been ragged out on a ton of forums and in discussions. But I still think if they take the good advice from ppl that Vermintide can be improved greatly. Also I know the gutter runner is supposed to be single target take down esspically for a player to far from other group members but if you could slow his pounce down a bit it would be great I find he basically warps around the player and tackles über fast. There should be a slight bit of time to be able to hit him away. All other rats seem fine even the rat ogre just the gutter runner seems annoying.


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    Some of what you're talking about has more to do with you not being as used to the game as more veteran players. No matter how powerful the BW is she still needs some guarding and that can have a dramatic effect on how useful she can be to the group. She can be a glass cannon very easily if that's what you want her for but you're going to realize at some point suppressing enemies is very useful to your group. Not sure, but you also seem entirely focused on her ranged attack and completely forgetting she 'can' melee and you are better off doing so since you cannot block with your ranged.

    As for the gutter runner, yes he is insanely fast but he goes in a perfectly straight line and sidestepping will often cause him to miss. Also, there can be plenty of instances where you get a double assassin spawn and should be wary even if you kill the first one. Give the game more time and try not to fall into the pitfalls that people who have been playing the game for well over a year succumbed to.
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