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Level Progress Deleted, Cannot Continue

MicrobryophyteMicrobryophyte 12 PointsMember, Level1
I've played the game's main story [not including the Drachenfels DLC] through to completion on Hard difficulty. When I finished the last level I unlocked Nightmare mode, and even played a few levels with that difficulty. But all of a sudden the game stopped recognizing that I had completed more than the first act. I've restarted to no avail, reset my console, deleted and reinstalled the game. No use.

When I looked under the Custom Games setup it said I had to "Complete Supply and Demand to Unlock Mission," which I have tried in every way I could including playing through the entire first act. But there must be a misconnect in the handshake between my console and the sever, because none of this lets me progress further into the mission list as per normal [see below]. Since the game no longer states that I have finished it, Nightmare difficulty has been blocked to me again, though it does say I have complete the appropriate percentage value under the Custom Games page.

After I complete missions, the "Random Level" choice sometimes lets me play from the others acts and they work fine until I finish them. In their mission details screen, the "Next Level" option is never in sequence, often dumping me back into the first act or prologue. And a final thing; when I complete the Black Powder mission, it always puts the next level choice as the Waterfront mission. I thought this was a patch error, and this has been happening for about a week. Any help would be appreciated.


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