Contracts too hard

MrChipsMrChips 12 PointsMember, Level2
I am level 17 and I have a kill the white rat at hard and a machines of war at nightmare to do. I also have two locked contracts and one of those is also at nightmare. Is it possible to delete these and get others or not? How do I unlock the contracts as one of them is at easy level and has a key on it.


  • ToutatrixToutatrix 176 PointsMember, Level4
    some contracts need DLC to be fulfilled : if you don't own the related map, you can't take the contract
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  • MrChipsMrChips 12 PointsMember, Level2
    So I cannot fully play the game I bought unless I buy DLC........
    Can I not delete the ones that I cannot do, because they are too high a level or I don't have the DLC?
  • MrChipsMrChips 12 PointsMember, Level2
    Even if I do get the Karak Azgaraz DLC, I will still be stuck with the problem of the contracts being too high a level.
  • Jakal_of_Kazak_VlagJakal_of_Kazak_Vlag 158 PointsMember, Level4
    everyone gets the same set of quests and contracts every day. if you're low enough that nightmare or hard is too much for you, then you probably shouldn't worry too much about using the bounty board and focus on enjoying getting better at the game. later on soloing most of those on nightmare will be easy. believe me....
  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4
    It's true but it's not something you can rush and even if you did you might regret it later. As Jakal put it, getting better at the game is a superior goal and often that means using lesser gear and simply flowing better with your team. Try and find tips on how to play better with others (or bots if you prefer) and that will find that has a more overall benefit than just seeking a specific thing within the game.
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  • FerronFerron 37 PointsMember, Level2
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    You just need to play the game more.. you cant have everything at once.. :) Give it time and get to know the mechanics and concept of the game and you will do fine! :) you are still quite new to the game if you are lvl 17, so be patient. ^^ many players had been playing this game on pc like a year before the contracts came.
  • WinthiefowWinthiefow 22 PointsMember, Level2, Beta Tester
    I remember at the beta, when I couldn't even complete the first map on easy mod (was solo but still), now I can solo almost any map on nightmare, and that's not gear related. You just need to play, learn, have fun, then you can have more interest in contracts :)
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