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(Me, my brother and my brother's BOTs have decent gear/weapons for Hard, just a FYI/heads up before you ask in comments.)

So me and my brother "was" playing this on console as we both got it for christmas.
My brother has got this on PC and now console, but while playing together on console, we have found that the BOTs are completely stupid.

My brother said to me that the BOTs are more smarter on PC than what they are on console.
Even on Left 4 Dead the BOTs we're smart on console..

Problem with BOTs on console compare to PC?

1. They don't jump.
On the Wizard's Tower (Think that's what it's called?) They can get "stuck" on certain parts and because you have to jump, they don't bother to jump. Either have to move far, far away from them to teleport to you or let them die and get them back else were.

2. They block WAY to much!
They spend more time blocking than actually attacking witch puts me and my brother in more danger because we are getting swarmed.

3. They don't help.. Literally..
On a few missions, we notice that they don't help when getting pounced on or captured by the packmaster. They continue to focus on killing trash mobs than focusing on the person that's needs help the most.

4. They can't kill..
On missions, my brother has notice MANY times that the BOTs can't kill simple mobs. I forgot witch mob it was, but he was shouting down the microphone that the bot was just unable to kill this ONE mob, he just went and had to go in and kill it himself. After, he went on PC and notice the BOTs could actually kill things without much help from players!

So... Is the console a few patches behind or something or we're the BOTs dumb down? Because we completed normal just fine, after we went to Hard and did like 3 missions somewhat easy, after that, we just kept getting messed over because the BOTs we're just being useless in helping.

Me and my brother want to continue playing, but the BOTs just make it a 2 man job all the time.

Anyone else having problems with BOTs being completely stupid compare to the PC version?


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    I could on for a while about bots, but just go ahead and read this instead. Some of it is likely to help. Also, yes console is behind the PC version as is typically the case when a game is ported.

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    I've read that post before. Pretty much sums up what the bots do when playing on console..
    I hope they bring a patch for this quickly, I'd like to enjoy the game as well as getting my trophies. :)

    Thanks anyways.
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    Well asides from the thinly veiled cynicism it does offer quite a few tips that smooths out playing with bots. Your main concern though I have found tends to be time as resources run thinner and more specials inevitably spawn. It should also be noted that certain bots like the Bright Mage have a high tendency to die and you 'should' be babysitting them since they cannot block enough to avoid how badly she gets swarmed. To avoid this have someone play the Witch Hunter and then if you have a second player as the Waywatcher so now you have your offense covered. Defense can be covered by Markus and Bardin who should be using shields for the undeniable advantage it gives them in crowd control.
    Eat the game before it devours your life!
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