Higher Damage Friendly Fire

KelloggsKelloggs 71 PointsMember, Level2
Fatshark, please increase the damage done by Friendly Fires in higher difficulties (Cataclysm and Nightmare). Make players lose one bar instead of 1mm of a bar instead.
This discourages people to "shoot everywhere, anywhere, any time you like" and encourage team-work instead.

Thank You


  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4
    This would just encourage them to accidentally kill you and anyone else they are playing with. Just the sheer amount of griefing this would cause makes this easily a horrible idea. Yes, friendly fire should be a thing others are aware of but I'd rather the penalty bounce back onto the offender than become a quick ticket to wiping out the team.
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  • Halvars90Halvars90 56 PointsMember, Level3
    Well I don't think it's gonna work out, as Quanrian pointed out people are prob gonna misuse it or something. Only yesterday I had a guy complaining on me for hurting him to much with fireballs...
  • GulfwulfGulfwulf 72 PointsMember, Level3
    No, just no. It's bad enough we have friendly fire, it doesn't need to be increased. It's there to make the game more challenging, not as a way to grief other players.
  • KelloggsKelloggs 71 PointsMember, Level2
    Well guys, then you have a good reason to kick somebody. You want those who genuinely wants to play the game VS those who wants to only "enjoy the ride".
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