Sluggish controller | Motion Blur option not working | Better controls | PS4 Pro | Splitscreen?

kryokryo 12 PointsMember, Level1
Couple of issues I'd suggest you take a look at:

- Controller response is sluggish. Very sluggish, I'd say almost 1/4-1/2 second input lag. Comparing to any other FPS I've played on PS4, Vermintide takes a clear lead. I'm sure something can be done here, and would help a lot in making the game fun to play.

- Motion Blur option doesn't work. I can set it off in the Inn, and it seems to work, but when entering any mission, it's back and doesn't turn off. I'd prefer it off.

- Better controller schemes: every FPS game these days should have a decent sticks & triggers scheme ie. move as much of the often used actions to bumpers/triggers & sticks/stick press, away from buttons (so you don't need to move your thumbs off the sticks). Check eg. "jumper" on Destiny. Or you could just let us configure the controller layout ourselves.

- PS4 Pro support: Please! I'm sure you could run this at 1440p and/or 60fps.

- And give us splitscreen play! Splitscreen could maybe run on normal PS4 as well, and would be highly appreciated. This is exactly the type of game that should have splitscreen support. Any plans?

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