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spawned under the map

kin6nothin6kin6nothin6 12 PointsUnconfirmed, Level1
Just bought the game and my very first game i joined, i believe it was on the Horn of Magnus through quickplay, I had spawned under the map. No way to get out, i tried jumping around and moving for about 5 minutes until i just decided to quit and exit. Since then, no issues but figured I would go ahead and post here to make the devs aware and fix the issue if its not known about already.


  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4
    It might help them to know what point in the map this occurred at since there are many spawn locations. To me it just sounds like you clipped through the map as you spawned in and this was perhaps due to lag at just the right moment. If that is the case then perhaps spawning the player a tad above the ground and then dropping them to the ground would potentially alleviate any possible clipping that occurred.
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  • sfoxxsfoxx 12 PointsUnconfirmed, Level2
    happens on lots of maps - whenever the bot you're replacing is moving upwards on any multistory building, you end up falling (sometimes to your death) through the floor. If you're still alive, quit and rejoin and the bot should have teleported to the other players. Not a new bug, just not sure if it's been reported for consoles
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