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Issues joining the same match that someone in the same house is in

hollowpotatohollowpotato 12 PointsUnconfirmed, Level1
edited December 2016 in Feedback & Bugs (PS4)
Sometimes my brother and I try to play Vermintide together however we frequently encounter connection issues. Sometimes he is in a lobby (not hosting) with open slots available for more people. I attempt to join and it says ERROR CONNECTION LOST or something along the lines of THIS MULTIPLAYER MATCH IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE OR FULL which we know for sure is a load of nonsense. Seems more like a way to blame us or shift the blame from the game. Anyways any idea when there will be a patch?

As an important note don't blame us for this problem. We never had issues like this or even at this frequency with other games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops or Minecraft.


  • hollowpotatohollowpotato 12 PointsUnconfirmed, Level1
    edited December 2016
    At this point I'm sure it's just the buggy game that is the issue.
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