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DadgumTexanDadgumTexan 23 PointsMember, Level1
Make highlighting targets/items command Bots. IE picking up tomes/grimoires etc.. Also, the ability to 'move here' would be extremely useful as well. It's frustrating to make it through a level solo (Friends offline) with all 3 tomes and 1 grim, then the bots drop all the tomes for heals.


  • nightsoilmannightsoilman 12 PointsMember
    Yes! Yes! Yes! I see this all the time, and numerous players all saying the same thing. Alternatively, allow a player to "force trade" an item with a bot so I can pick up a tome and give it to the bot in exchange for the heal.

    Currently, I just stand on the tome and wait until the waves of skaven kill the bot. Then I rez him, he heals, and picks up the tome. There HAS to be a better way!
  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4

    There HAS to be a better way!

    Sure there is, kill them yourself in Nightmare difficulty!

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  • NitrossNitross 22 PointsMember, Level1
    I like the idea of more control over bots but, too many new commands might affect the pacing of the game in a negative manner. Rather than adding more commands like telling them to move to a precise spot, we could start with better reactions to current player actions and situations.

    For instance, being able to force "give" an item even if they are holding one using the same inventory and making them drop tomes to use healing, but be smart enough pick it back up afterwards if it was given to them. Also, it would be nice if the right-click option when your inventory slot is empty were to prompt a bot to give you the corresponding item.

    Another change could be on how they react to players calling targets; calling a target on an item they can pick up like a tome could get them to pick it up; maybe make it happen only with a long press of the target button so they don't drop anything important. Same thing with other intractable objects like switches or ropes needing to be cut. However, the AI would need to be tweaked to pick the best bot for the job in that case; someone with enough health and a shield would be better suited to go to an objective alone than someone about to die for instance.
  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4
    That's a good point. We don't need more buttons and controls we just need the existing controls to be more intuitive. I sometimes feel this is one of the worst design habits with PC games is because you've got a keyboard go crazy but please don't.
    Eat the game before it devours your life!
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