Overly aggressive AI bot companions

AlexiVolcavAlexiVolcav 22 PointsMember, Level1
Id like to preface this with I think I'm rather good at Vermintide but this is a cooperative game. Sadly I'm forced to use bots a lot to help me get by. I am now very furious at the fact that the bots would much rather deal with the skaven around themselves then rescue a pinned player or even stay near the player. An example of this was during the Wheat and Chaft misson. I was carrying a bag back to the wagon and had to put it down to defend myself from a wave. Then a packmaster came and hooked me. To my dismay the bots were still fighting over at the gate and much to busy killing things there to turn around and rescue me. I died and the game was over. This scenario has happened to me and my buddies a lot recently and I find that the bots desire to kill everything much to strong in comparison to saving the player that keeps the game going.


  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4
    I do believe this is something that got covered in one of the PC patches. Obviously, we are behind PC by a fair bit right now but bots focusing more on reviving players is something I recall in the notes. Feel free to check yourself. That is an extremely tough map to use bots on regardless because they do not do well against Storm Vermin and there are constant spawns of them.
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