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Where is my bounty board?

Pantszilla77Pantszilla77 22 PointsMember, Level1
I'm getting frustrated with this game. It looks in steam that the dlc bounty board thinger is installed but when i log into the game it's not in the inn. Am i doing something wrong or do i need to be a specific level to unlock it? Any advice would be appreciated.


  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4
    edited December 2016
    Yes, you need to have completed all missions on any difficulty if I recall for PC. Are you on PC and have you done such? If you are on console the Q & C DLC is being held hostage by Santa Claws until he feels there are enough delicious children to sate his hunger. He is a very hungry giant rat after all!
    Eat the game before it devours your life!
  • Pantszilla77Pantszilla77 22 PointsMember, Level1
  • QuanrianQuanrian 117 PointsMember, Level4
    You beat all missions except the Drachenfell DLC?
    Eat the game before it devours your life!
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