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I am going to try and keep this brief but if I fail I apologize. There is currently an issue with some users myself included where your Xbox One no longer recognizes your license for Vermintide. I cannot confirm if it affects both the Collector's Edition and the Standard or just the Collector's Edition that I own. After following many steps given to your through Microsoft's Customer Support you will need to uninstall and repurchase. However, since the Collector's Edition is no longer available you will lose content and are being warned now.

Additionally, I strongly suggest Fatshark look into this on their end as it might be related to the removal of the Collector's Edition from the Live Marketplace. There is a good chance you will have to work with Microsoft to completely resolve this. Again, please be wary of removing content from the Marketplace as it does seem to affect licenses.
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    I got the collector's edition and I'm having this issue right now
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    Good news is, I still had my hats when I got back on and I'm not actually sure what the DLC download was. You will have to contact MS support and try to get them to go right to a refund and repurchase. If you do not, they will have you check everything under the sun and burn a lot of time.
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    I tried the twitter Xbox support and they told me to wait, cause this was a known issue and they were trying to solve it
    But tomorrow I'm calling Xbox support to speed things up

    Edit: no need. Everything is normal now
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    That's good and and the support I did talk to said they were passing it on to their lead. So it seems this ripple has been sorted and I am glad because that was one ugly ripple. I was told something like this could take up to a week and they fixed it in a day...
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    Apologies, I've been away for a few days, and this happens :| The team here jumped on the case as soon as the reports came in however and the issue was promptly resolved by the Microsoft team. :)

    Sorry for the trouble caused.
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